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FEA Engineering

General Information

Engineering in FEA module is based on studies which are created from Vertex BD building model. FEA module in Vertex BD supports profile structures only. The module is capable to solve reactions of any kind of profiles and design CFS profiles according to the selected design codes.

Reactions of the structure can be solved when following things are defined in the study:

  • supports
  • loads and load patterns
  • links between nodes

FEA module can be used to design CFS profiles when following definitions are done:

  • buckling lengths
  • material properties of the profiles

FEA module is an add-on module in Vertex BD software, and it is for general CFS engineering. The module is available only in Europe and Australia software versions. Please check the availability in your local Vertex distributor.

FEA module is a tool for qualified engineers and successful use requires knowledge about engineering and finite element method.

Example Studies

General Examples

Engineering Topics

Check the engineering topics to get some basic information about engineering in Vertex FEA.

FEA Manual

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