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Vertex BD Documentation

Welcome to Vertex BD Documentation.

Here you have access to dozens of tutorial videos and how-to articles about Vertex BD software as well as other valuable training and educational materials to learn the software.
Vertex BD Building Design Software is an advanced building information modeling (BIM) software for wood and cold-formed steel framed construction.

Latest version: Vertex BD 2024. Older versions.


New to Vertex BD? Our video tutorials are a great way to build your Vertex BD skills.

How-to Articles

Explore Vertex BD how-to articles to get further information about the software. 


The software installation guide will include all steps you need to install Vertex BD on your computer.


Frequently Asked Questions

What´s New in Vertex BD 2024

Get the new features by updating to the latest version

Data Privacy

Instructions on how to create a privacy statement for CAD software.

Vertex BD 2024 User Manual

Find information in the easy-to-use online manual. 

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