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What's New in Vertex BD 2024

Elevate Your Workflow with Enhanced IFC 4 Compatibility

Enhance Collaboration Across Other BIM Software Applications with IFC 4 Export

IFC, or Industry Foundation Classes, is an open and standardized data model intended to describe architectural, building, and construction industry data. It is a universal language for the building and construction industry to facilitate interoperability in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector. IFC 4 includes improvements in its data structure, enabling more detailed and accurate modeling of building projects. Vertex BD 2024 introduces the IFC 4 Export feature, enhancing model compatibility and collaboration across various software applications.

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Optimize Panel Transportation and Handling with the New 3D Panel Stacking

Efficiently Plan and Visualize Panel Stacks

Vertex BD's new 3D Panel Stacking feature offers a new approach to managing panel logistics between factories and construction sites. This tool allows for the creation of detailed panel stack drawings and reports, facilitating optimal organization for transportation and installation. It accommodates both vertical and horizontal stacking, and includes an interactive user interface for planning panel loading within Vertex BD. This enhances the coordination of manufacturing order and construction phases, ensuring faster operations and eliminating logistical surprises on-site.

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Elevate Project Efficiency with Standardized Communication in Construction

Introducing Building Collaboration Format (BCF)

The Building Collaboration Format (BCF) is a data format used in the building and construction industries to facilitate communication and collaboration among various stakeholders in a construction project. BCF offers a standardized approach to communication, ensuring seamless information exchange among key stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, and clients. This format is instrumental in enhancing coordination, boosting efficiency, and improving overall project outcomes. By utilizing BCF in Vertex BD, projects can significantly reduce human errors, leveraging the power of precise and effective communication tools.

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Introducing Vertex Sync

Save Your Vertex Projects to the Cloud and Make Collaboration Easy

Work from Home, Office or On-Site. Your Projects and Team Are Always in Sync

Vertex Sync is a cloud service for saving and managing your projects securely online. Work anywhere and collaborate with your team members online. All your projects and documents are available 24/7 in the Vertex Sync cloud storage. Multiple designers can work simultaneously from multiple locations within the project to keep the lead time short. Share projects, models, drawings and BIM data to keep everyone on the same page. Complete designs faster, and make communication easy with your team.

Vertex Sync is sold separately. It will be released in Spring 2024. Learn more about Vertex Sync.

+Many more improvements and new features

Vertex BD Upgrades and Updates

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