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What's New in Vertex G4Plant 2024

We presented these reforms in the major version 30.0.0 (2024)

Operating system requirements

  • Recommended operating system is Windows 10/11 with latest updates

The completely renewed support design and modernized user interface improve the efficiency of the design process

The new library technology makes it possible to save your own standard supports

You can now copy, move, and edit parts of the support assembly and add new parts to the assembly

More information here: Supports 2024

Several performance improvements and updates to point cloud functions that make it easier to model equipment, walls and pipelines

In surface detection, you can now point to multiple sets of points at once, which improves the addition of planes and cylinders and pipeline routing

Improve the usability of point clouds by creating surface triangle mesh of the shading using points

More information here: Point Clouds 2024

Piping design and insulation functions have been further improved

When routing the pipeline, you can now add insulation for space reservation and use automation to select reducers

Now specifying colors and saving pipeline data for the project is even more user-friendly thanks to the updates

More information here: Piping Design 2024 and Insulation 2024

Vertex G4Plant 2024 main version upgrade

How to get the latest version?

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