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What's new in Vertex G4PI 2024

We presented these reforms in the major version 30.0.0 (2024)

Operating system requirements

  • Recommended operating system is Windows 10/11 with latest updates

Vertex G4PI offers an effortless user experience with improved usability and project data management

Vertex G4Plant, G4PI and Flow pipeline data management is centralized, so information can be found in the same place for both 3D models and PI-schematics

Edit and use P&ID reports more easily in Vertex G4PI and Flow

Vertex G4PI symbol usability and project data export have been updated

New features and improvements

Renewal of P&ID reports in G4PI

We renewed the Excel templates of P&ID reports. They are now using a technique that is easier to modify than before. You can find the new templates here system\forms\PI-ExcelTemplates.

We updated all eight database views to use the updated parameter program pi_to_xls_template.prg to create the Excel reports. We left the old parameter programs and template files to the software for the transition period. You can still use your tailored database views and Excel reports as before with version 2024.

Contact the Vertex Help Center if you need help with the templates. (Vertex ID: VXPLANT-8)

We created report templates for device cards to Flow

We created corresponding report templates in Flow. With the help of these report templates, the user of the Flow browser interface can list the specific type of device cards of the project in Excel reports similar in appearance to the G4PI user. By moving, for example, the device cards of the project's tanks to the Trolley, you can use the trolley's tools to produce a list of the device cards in Excel format. (Vertex ID: VXPLANT-8)

We simplified pipeline data handling in the project

Starting from version 2024, you will have only one database to store pipeline data from G4Plant, G4PI, and Flow. This streamlines data storage and processing and allows you to save the line position data from the model side to Flow.

Previously, pipeline data was stored in the project-specific database d_PROJEKTI-151 with the P&I diagram. The corresponding project-specific database on the model side was d_POSITIONDATA, which could be used both with and without the P&I diagram. However, the 3D-side database information did not transfer to the diagram, and the diagram information did not update on the model side without a separate update command.

We merged the databases and harmonized the fields of the new database to match the previous fields of both databases. New projects will only create the database d_PROJEKTI-151, which is fully compatible with Flow. Changes made to pipeline information now move in both directions.

If a project was created with version 2023 or earlier and contains the “old” database POSITIONDATA, version 2024 can still read and support this database. In such cases, handling pipeline information in the project works as before, without full Flow support.

We added new fields (green boxes in the image below) to the PI diagram’s pipeline equipment card (PIPELINE DATA) and rearranged a few existing fields (blue box in the image below). We implemented the same changes for the pipeline equipment card in Flow’s web interface. Notable changes in the model-side database display (LINE POSITION DATA) include converting the flow unit from m3/h to m3/s, repositioning some fields, and reducing the number of additional fields on page two from 16 rows to eight (8) rows. (Vertex ID: VXPLANT-48)

We changed default value for Symbol adding mode setting

We changed the default value for Symbol adding mode setting to automatic hidden line removal. The program automatically executes the hidden line removal and cutting of crossing diagram line everytime you open the diagram from the archive or Flow from now on regardles the adding mode setting. This feature is improved to version 29.0.01 as well. (Vertex ID: PLANT-4561)

We added confirmation question before sending project's settings to Flow

We improved the safety of the function Export project files. The program asks a confirmation question from the user before exporting the project specific settings files to Flow. The user must confirm or cancel the question from now on. This feature is improved to version 29.0.01 as well. (Vertex ID: PLANT-4555)

Automatic symbol change mode setting

The program automatically changes the PI symbol in the diagram when the symbol's classification changes. The user can change the classification via an attribute data card or database view. It's now possible to disable automatic symbol change. Use the function Automatic symbol change mode setting to change the setting. You can find the function inside the Symbol group from the ribbon. This feature is improved to version 29.0.08 as well. (Vertex ID: PLANT-4)

Record audio to your screen recording

Function Export to video has new features

We have added the ability to record audio with the tool Export to video.

The audio source can be a microphone or system sounds or both. You can select which input device to use.

You can now create tutorial videos more easily and with better quality. (Vertex ID: VX-8217)

The program automatically creates a folder structure for files generated during recording.

The user can easily find the finished products in the ScreenRecorder folder located in the program’s user folder.

The folder structure has three subfolders: Log, Temp, and Video.

The Video folder contains finished recordings with or without sound.

Of course, you can save your recordings to any folder you want. (Vertex ID: VXCORE-112)

Vertex G4PI 2024 main version upgrade

How to get the latest version

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