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Generate Hot-roll Member Drawings

This article will show you how create individual beam drawings for each member of the structure.

This article uses a pre-added Hot-rolled column and beam structure with all connections added previously.

  1. In 2d or 3d, hold down CTRL and select the profiles to create labels for.  Note labels are needed to generate the drawings.

  2. Click the Build Beams 
    command from the automatically activated Profile tab in the ribbon.

  3. Labels will automatically be added in the 2d drawing only, so switch to this if not already active.

  4. Select the labels to generate the drawings for.


    You can select one label then hit CTRL+A to quickly select the rest.

  5. Click into the Open Drawing
    menu from the automatically activated Panel tab in the ribbon

  6. Now click the Create Panel Drawing 

  7. The Panel Template Drawings window will open.

  8. Choose the Hot Roll Beam A4 template and click OK.

  9. The drawings will be generated.

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