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How To Change Profile Colors

This article explains how to assign a color to a profile library’s (2D) fill color and (3D) surface material.

Edit Cross Sections

Note: Editing the cross section will automatically create a custom copy of the profile library if one does not already exist.

Go to System | Libraries | Profile > Edit Cross Sections.

Select the type of cross section to edit.

The LSL profile library has been used as an example, but any profile library can be substituted.

In the Edit window, select Edit Cross Section Properties icon to open the profprop file.

Select Notepad or WordPad when prompted for an application to use when opening the file.

Edit the profprop file MAT.FILL2D parameter

To assign a color fill (2D) to the profile type, add the line geomprop= MAT.FILL2D, followed by the fill color.

In the example below the PIECE.FILL.YELL (Yellow color) has been assigned to the profile.

Note: The Vertex system color fills are found in the following Vertex Settings location… Vertex Settings>Geometry drawing properties>Hatch setup.

Edit the profprop file MAT.SURF parameter

To assign a material texture map to the profile type, edit the line geomprop= MAT.SURF, followed by the texture map.

In the example below the PIECE.YELLOW (Yellow texture map) has been assigned to the profile.

Note: To find available material textures, go to System | Rendering Textures > Rendering Texture Mapping > All, Custom changes included.

In the Rendering Texture Mapping window, scroll to PIECE.* categories.

Save and close the profprop file.

Next, select the ESC key to close the Edit window.


Profile with yellow color fill assigned to MAT.FILL2D parameter.

Profile with yellow texture map assigned to MAT.SURF parameter.

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