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Edit the Shape of a Roof Slope

You can edit the shape of a roof slope by moving the edges from the grip points, or by adding and moving points on the edges. You can also cut a hole to a slope by clicking points or lines.

Add a Point to the Edge of a Slope

  1. Click the slope.
  2. Move the cursor near the square grip point of the edge.
  3. Right-click to open the context-sensitive menu.
  4. Select Add Point.

  5. Click the location of the point on the edge.

    The edge is now divided into two sections.
  6. Add another point to the other section.

Move the Edge From a Grip Point

Move the section in the middle of the slope.

  1. Click the square grip point.

  2. Click a new location for the point.

Cut a Hole in the Slope

You can achieve the same result as described above by cutting a hole to the slope and then moving the edge of the hole.

  1. Click the slope.
  2. On the Plane Structure tab, in the Volume group, select Hole.

  3. Click the corner points of the hole. You can cut a rectangular hole by clicking just two point:

  4. Select Confirm
  5. Click the square grip point of the edge, and click a new location for the point.


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