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Release notes 1.0.0-alpha



Version 1.00-alpha release date September 21, 2022

First initial alpha version

First initial version about Vertex Sync. This version contains user interface to browser Sync service content on web browser. User can upload buildings to Sync from Vertex BD.  The highway of opportunities is ahead of us.


Home page

The new improved home page gives you access to all content in Sync. All objects are available and represented as object cards of their own. If you prefer a more traditional view you can switch from grid view to list view. List view gives more objects on screen at the same time. Use filtering to narrow down the number of objects or search to find information you are looking for fast and easily.

Mark objects as favorites and you can find them easily on the Favorites tab. You can find your latest works on the Recently worked on and Recently visited tabs.

homeview 2.png

Object view

The object page shows all the information easily. See the object preview image and all the data and connections in one page.

Read more about Object View

Favorites and recent lists

Sync helps you to find the correct data for you. Objects you are working on are automatically added to your personal recently worked on list. Sync offers a favorite list where you can add objects you want. You can access your personal favorite list from the home page and find objects of your interest fast and easily.

Read more about How to use the favourite, recently visited and recently worked on lists (DRAFT)


Revisions act like stored versions of the object. The system guarantees that the old revision remains as it was when the new revision was created. The old revision cannot be changed, but you can open and copy it.

All objects can be revised. The user has an opportunity to prevent the creation of a new revision. In such a case, all changes made to the object must be made to the current revision overwriting it. 

If the object is locked, you can make a new revision of it and continue working with the new revision.

Read more about Revisions

Recycle bin

The recycle bin stores deleted objects temporarily. Removing an object from Sync moves the object into the recycle bin. You can recover them if needed. The recycle bin acts like a special folder that holds the deleted objects until objects are deleted from the bin, the bin is emptied, or objects are restored.

When the user deletes an object, it is not actually deleted from the service, but moved to the recycle bin. The user can then open the recycle bin and see all the deleted objects and choose to restore them to their original location or permanently delete them. If the user empties the recycle bin, the objects are removed from the service and cannot be recovered anymore. The recycle bin feature helps the user to avoid losing important data by mistake.

Read more about Recycle Bin

Copy, move and link objects

With basic Copy, Move and Link functions you can manage your data efficiently in Sync. Link objects together to form easily manageable projects. You can link several buildings and documents to the same project, like a separate house and garage, building permission, customer request documentation and all other documents. All information can be found under the project. Simple and easy.

All updates for this release


CS-33 Rest resource for project documents

CS-34 Rest resource to store and fetch project documents

CS-84 Save name and time with documents

CS-120 Projects to Cloud UI

CS-121 Upward navigation to Cloud UI

CS-122 Use Resource instead of Base64 encoded byte\[\] on file downloads

CS-123 Allow Project Service to use HTTP DELETE method for cross domain requests

CS-128 Viewing documents from Cloud UI

CS-198 Create new Keycloak realm and clients for development use

CS-242 Review and refactor code

CS-370 Main process unit testing

CS-415 Research and possibly implement usage of a custom url scheme when redirecting back to Electron application

CS-432 Add logging to FileService

CS-433 Add logging to TenantService

CS-443 Display tenant name in url

CS-455 Tenant Service should create client secret for 'entityservice' client

CS-457 Remove Spring Framework file size limit

CS-460 Decide and update app names/titles/uri schemes

CS-467 Refactor entity view to use plain entity object instead of observable

CS-483 Entity Service support for creation of multiple files

CS-484 Create Keycloak realm purely for testing \(other than 'vertex'\)

CS-492 Make connecting Entities more simple operation

CS-501 Add theme and language selection to login/register pages

CS-505 File and entity tool menu front end implementation

CS-506 Revision management of the entity

CS-510 Dashboard view tabbing

CS-511 Object view layout design

CS-512 Refactor tenant service \+ other improvements from branch/issue cs-443

CS-514 Support for Entity parent hierarchy

CS-522 Refactor sidebar's resizing functionality to a directive

CS-525 Add BD Workspace document identifier field for Entities

CS-527 EntityService multi-file attach

CS-528 Add ability to fetch all possible Entity types

CS-537 Replace entity view placeholder with simple details

CS-539 Update entity view to use new endpoints

CS-568 Add multiple objects at the same time, planning

CS-571 Plan how to prevent conflicts with non-unique file names

CS-580 Use minified version of pdf.js in ng2-pdf-viewer

CS-603 Multi entity support for Entity Service

CS-607 Decide & implement code & revision formats

CS-613 Review revision management strategy with CAD.

CS-727 Operations handling multiple Entities should return ResultObjects

CS-728 Operations handling multiple Files should return ResultObjects

CS-734 Split single Azure Files account into multiple organization specific ones

CS-740 Operations handling multiple objects in tenant service should return multi status responses

CS-741 Update grid and list items' layout

CS-744 Advanced search user interface

CS-745 Quick search tool

CS-750 Sort objects in list and grid views

CS-757 Configure pipelines to meet the selected deployment strategy

CS-790 Angular application runtime configuration

CS-794 Set Entity preview image correctly based on preview file in UI

CS-795 Fix performance issues with front end

CS-797 Add "recentEntities" field or such for a User

CS-801 Ensure indices when fetching distinct Entity statuses & types

CS-811 Redesign object edit user interface and workflow

CS-817 Serve Angular OAuth 2.0 configuration from Tenant Service

CS-821 Make endpoints of all micro services consistent with each other

CS-823 Update object's data edit user interface

CS-827 Add support for pre-filled user information invitations in UserService

CS-873 Truncated text in chips, listing and other places should be shown while hovering

CS-875 Add new icons for project and building type objects

CS-877 Small change to tenant and user service APIs

CS-878 Plan how recently viewed, recently worked on and search results are shown as move targets.

CS-885 Use Version annotation to prevent modification conflicts in tenant-, user-, and fileservice

CS-898 Add proper scopes for actuator endpoints in each service

CS-926 Extend common micro service library

CS-942 Implement generic "Add file" Angular component

CS-960 Entity search improvements

CS-967 Implement improvement how to show object's type even a preview image exists

CS-977 Enable profile picture tests in tenantservice Bitbucket pipeline tests

CS-978 Return 204 instead of 404 when fetching existing but empty user entity list

CS-1018 Return profile picture thumbnail with user data

CS-1020 Plan a new 'Add new' user interface

CS-1022 FileService should have a retention period for retaining Files that have are not referred any more

CS-1025 Merge Entity & EntityConnection service

CS-1030 Limit MongoDB searches to only latest revision Entities

CS-1031 Add endpoint to fetch revision history for an Entity

CS-1037 Design UI how to solve identification of items with same name

CS-1038 Open preview image from thumbnail

CS-1039 Improve Add new object user interface.

CS-1053 Add dedicated endpoint for moving Entity

CS-1056 Make tenant service to work with new Keycloak version 18.0.0

CS-1065 Replace hard coded Entity type values with GET "entities/types" response

CS-1068 Make Entity types and type mapping tenant specific setting

CS-1070 Implement endpoints that use the PATCH verb according to RFC 6902

CS-1072 Each service should be able to provide their default settings

CS-1091 Update user views to match new design

CS-1093 Implement view hierarchy

CS-1116 Recycle bin restore functionality

CS-1123 Option to get entities without preview image via API

CS-1126 Refactor confirm-dialog assets \+ other fixes

CS-1127 Take into use sorting in search results view

CS-1128 Create pipes to handle translations and icons for entity types

CS-1153 Set type alias for MongoDB entities

CS-1158 Return username as a part of UserDto

CS-1159 Label selection should view only active labels.

CS-1160 Delete label and ask if a new label as a substitute for the objects

CS-1161 Implement redesigned top bar

CS-1162 Redesign "Add new" user interface's type and filename view and header row

CS-1167 Grid items should scale better to different screen resolutions

CS-1177 Create "remove-focus"-directive

CS-1179 Refactor module structure

CS-1186 Front end Authorization and Authentication

CS-1188 New object created success message should have a link to the object

CS-1190 Main tab group's width on mobile devices

CS-1191 Add new 'Plus' -button location on mobile devices

CS-1195 Improvements for 'Add new user' user interface

CS-1196 Get Share total and used quota

CS-1204 Refactor duplicated chip logic from search results

CS-1205 Enable ignoreThumbail query parameter

CS-1234 Change copy, link etc. dialogs search to case insensitive

CS-1268 Implement grid items improved responsive behaviour

CS-1269 Implement redesigned object view UI on mobile devices

CS-1270 Implement redesigned chip bar on mobile devices

CS-1272 Tab order on 'Add new user' dialog

CS-1278 Remove non-working settings from profile settings

CS-1279 Date format selection doesn't work

CS-1293 Modify NotificationService folder structure

CS-1303 Make TenantID character set rule as strict as Azure FileShare rule

CS-1304 WOPI host k8s files, pipeline and folder structure rearrangement

CS-1308 Remove "any" variables from front end code

CS-1316 Add common test utility functions

CS-1329 CAD data should be read only on Sync

CS-1338 Entitylabel update throws mongo transaction error

CS-1346 Centralize error handling to openApiServices using catchError

CS-1386 Remove subscribe from label-management-service to allow caller to subscribe

CS-1399 Get author, timestamp and other event properties that are available from server instead of client

CS-1407 Refactor async pipe negations

CS-1412 Remove "on" prefixes from event emitters


CS-1 Cloud Solutions Goals and Architecture Meeting

CS-3 Cloud Solutions planning meetings and studying the topic

CS-8 Vertex Cloud Vision & Roadmap Planning

CS-10 Unit tests system

CS-11 REST API test system

CS-12 Integration test system

CS-13 Workshops about the design

CS-14 UX design planning

CS-15 Docker Desktop for Windows - Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 \(WSL2\)

CS-32 SonarQube Code Quality

CS-37 Learn how to run Containerized Microservices

CS-38 Deployment to AKS testing environment

CS-39 Deployment to publicly available production site

CS-45 SonarQube Code Coverage Reports

CS-46 Use Embedded MongoDB inside CI/CD Pipeline

CS-95 Documentation

CS-136 Learning how to develop in Kubernetes effectively

CS-137 How to migrate data from PostgreSQL to MongoDB

CS-175 Learning Spring Security and OpenIdConnect

CS-181 Vertex Cloud Business Model

CS-193 Learning Electron best practices workshop

CS-194 Convert PoC app to use new OAuth2 practice

CS-213 Research angular & electron code sharing

CS-224 Study Snyk vulnerability checks for back end

CS-226 Design overall back end architecture

CS-228 Newman RestAPI testing for a microservice

CS-232 Entity Service API Requirements

CS-233 Entity Service API Design

CS-234 Tenant Service Requirements

CS-235 Tenant Service API Design

CS-245 Vertex Cloud Architecture Workshop meeting

CS-246 Vertex Cloud Cache / Workspace design

CS-250 Enable HTTPS on AKS cluster test namespace

CS-259 Use MongoDB Atlas \(Cloud\) with AKS test environment

CS-261 Use Postman Collaboration Platform for API Development

CS-262 Learn Inter-service communication between micro services

CS-276 File Service implementation research

CS-306 Study AKS Deployment Strategy

CS-363 User Service \(API\) Design

CS-365 User service implementation start

CS-373 Try out publishing/updating Electron app with Bitbucket Cloud Downloads

CS-375 Decide API Management tools

CS-395 Update tenant service paths

CS-408 Rights management and file sharing design

CS-409 File thumbnails

CS-411 Add uploadAt timestamp to file metadata

CS-435 Kubernetes logging architecture

CS-436 Pick the suitable Kubernetes Monitoring tool

CS-470 Learning essentials of cloud solution back end

CS-489 Testing tree view and planning next steps

CS-496 Decide what kind of CAPTCHA to use

CS-515 Tenant admin registration flow

CS-523 BD, Work Space. Cloud integration work shop

CS-529 Prepare first Vertex Cloud demo

CS-530 SwArchitectMeet Cloud presentation

CS-538 Create new hCaptcha account and update keys

CS-543 Remove password field from registration

CS-550 Minor fixes and improvements

CS-552 Setup AKS staging cluster

CS-553 Plan revision strategy for entities

CS-554 Implement entity identification code generation

CS-560 Use 'insert' instead of 'save' when creating new files to file service database

CS-562 Research Azure Files limits for amount of files in a directory

CS-570 Cloud demo

CS-583 Disable refresh token generation for UI-client in Keycloak \(Update Keycloak\)

CS-600 Design, revision management from UI

CS-605 Plan & implement orphan file handling \(files without Entity parent\)

CS-614 Renaming Cloud to Sync

CS-624 Return 201 response from create operations, even when creating multiple

CS-635 Back end support to manage BD database, parameter etc files in Sync

CS-636 Technical status clarification

CS-637 Tenant service returns 500 when checking if existing tenant exists

CS-638 Create epics based on remaining tasks

CS-657 Enable Linkerd service mesh for Entity Service

CS-659 Enable Linkerd service mesh for File Service

CS-660 Enable Linkerd service mesh for Tenant Service

CS-669 Decide and set domain names to DNS provider we use

CS-670 Configuring email server for testing, staging & production

CS-678 Decide MongoDB Atlas backup plan for all environments

CS-680 Decide whether each organizations needs its own File Storage

CS-686 Monitoring application with Prometheus and Grafana

CS-703 Fix logging in file service

CS-712 Update Fixma designs to match the current situation and targets

CS-717 Review and finalize user management UI design

CS-733 Study how to provision storage accounts to organizations

CS-747 Study & deploy Keycloak in AKS

CS-748 Set up MongoDB Atlas environments

CS-749 Set up AKS staging & production clusters without application services

CS-828 Concurrency safe project handling planning

CS-837 Plan how lazy loading should work in front end

CS-849 Plan and investigate user cases and work flows.

CS-850 Implement notifier service

CS-871 Icon for Sync projects

CS-894 Design how to show object's type even a preview image exists

CS-896 License portal/Showroom meeting

CS-910 Update Angular version from 13.1 to recommended version

CS-914 Add YAML files to each application for staging and production envs

CS-938 Update Kubernetes in AKS clusters from 1.19.x to 1.21.x

CS-939 Design recycle bin view and related UI elements

CS-940 Find out if all list views are based on a common component and decide how to handle lists in future

CS-941 Deploy NotificationService

CS-950 Update a single back end service dependencies to newer versions

CS-971 Plan how to solve user requirement about sub model status

CS-973 Change FileService multi-status endpoints to always return ResultDtos

CS-975 Change TenantService multi-status endpoints to always return ResultDtos

CS-1007 Fix Snyk vulnerabilities

CS-1024 Would application specific Keycloak instances still be a better option?

CS-1026 Sync file storage options meeting

CS-1027 Study whether to use ACL in Sync

CS-1041 Figure out how to allow BD specific changes to CAD specialized fields

CS-1060 Check and switch Snyk accounts to 'vertexsystems' account

CS-1081 Make confirm-dialog more generic

CS-1082 Sync hierarchy management meeting

CS-1100 Double check Dark theme's colours

CS-1104 Find out requirements for the sharing system

CS-1115 Recycle bin architecture design

CS-1117 Sprint 8 Meetings

CS-1135 Mock EventService endpoint for EntityService

CS-1244 Sprint 10 Meetings

CS-1245 Snyk checks

CS-1263 Remove the old version of creating and editing entities

CS-1274 Refactor all subscribe methods to not use separate callback arguments anymore

CS-1282 Refactor userListView to be more reusable

CS-1312 Update Open Cloud server and job runner

CS-1327 Check relevant ACL libraries

CS-1333 Update Node.js to latest version

CS-1335 Snyk checks

CS-1431 Staging environment setup


CS-434 Kubernetes logging and monitoring

CS-652 Configuring CI/CD pipeline to meet the requirements for first phase


CS-74 Bamboo builds don't finish

CS-416 Desktop app doesn't update consistently when logging in

CS-417 New way to load configs into prod version of electron app, custom-env doesnt work as expected

CS-425 Fix preferences dialog back button bug on mobile devices

CS-426 Auth token expires

CS-444 Application version information isn't generated correctly when building an image

CS-454 File Service returns 500 when no file is attached in upload request

CS-504 Backend returns 403 Forbidden - Invalid csrf token when making requests from electron app

CS-535 Entities are not showing on mobile view

CS-536 Fetch & embed createdBy & lastModifiedBy user names from User Service

CS-545 Prevent Entities overwriting/revising their connection id lists

CS-551 CreationTime timestamp was set to null when overwriting

CS-556 Entity overwriting clears certain fields values

CS-563 Creating a tenant on gives 500 error from back end, fix

CS-564 Entity hierarchy end-point returns 200 OK even if there is no any hierarchy to show

CS-569 Minor bug fixes and naming changes

CS-572 Uploading gives 500 error from file server, investigate and fix

CS-575 Azure Files storage get deleted and recreated when redeploying file service to AKS

CS-576 Fix inconsistency for types in UI

CS-604 Deleting Entity won't update it's connections

CS-622 Fix tree view bug after deleting the parent

CS-627 FileService returns 413 Request Entity Too Large for 1,5MB file

CS-628 Remove term entity from the user interface

CS-630 Fix angular console errors in tests and dev

CS-681 Decide how to do file backups for organizations

CS-706 File service uploads not working with a specific file

CS-722 Tool menu lifetime

CS-723 Front end does not show thumbnails for Entities/Files

CS-738 Detaching a single file should return body that matches detaching multiple files

CS-793 Entity service clears "labels" field when creating Entity

CS-800 Log4J Vulnerability \(CVE-2021-44228\) fixing

CS-802 Fix upload problems in file service

CS-819 Improve FileService thumbnail generation performance

CS-822 Modified Entity labels are ignored

CS-852 Remove blocked EntityConnection fields

CS-891 EntityConnection PUT returns 500

CS-895 FileService misses a file at random every now and then

CS-899 Copy, move and delete dialogs link count

CS-923 Fixes to user entity lists \(favorites, recentEntities etc.\)

CS-925 EntityService duplicate key exception

CS-929 Fixes to entity search

CS-936 Only user who uploaded the file can download its content

CS-957 Fix user entity list returning empty list instead of 404

CS-961 Change config loader back to static

CS-963 Tenant setting creation / fetching uses non-working repository methods

CS-974 Fix user profile picture creation

CS-981 Browser's back button doesn't close opened preview

CS-989 Favourite star loses its selection state at some point when switching between tabs

CS-1015 Entity endpoints returning hierarchies won't work with some cylindrical structures

CS-1034 Change front end to use "source" instead of "sources" for EntityConnections

CS-1043 Wrong overlay colour in dark theme

CS-1052 Fixing virtual scroll induced bugs

CS-1079 Type selection drop-down menus text colour and plural form

CS-1125 Webflux transaction error first aid

CS-1134 Edit button is not working right after changing to the newest revision

CS-1175 Return custom settings in the same format as default settings

CS-1176 Create endpoint for deleting multiple users

CS-1182 Add a new thumbnail/ preview image for the object gives an error

CS-1183 Prevent entity connection to same entity and prevent duplicate entity connections

CS-1192 Weird text cut in revision menu header

CS-1193 Fix moving entities

CS-1194 Detaching non-existing File causes problems

CS-1199 Other than default revision formats are not functioning

CS-1200 Changing entity type based on the file type fails

CS-1203 Closing object edit warns about changes even no changes exist

CS-1206 Fix thumbnail generation trying to get file using instead of Azure

CS-1207 Remove keycloak operator from use to prevent keycloak "auto-update"

CS-1224 Improve handling of file share storage exceeded exception

CS-1225 System starts reloading the page after a while

CS-1232 Creating multiple EntityConnections causes sometimes problems with Mongo transactions

CS-1235 Azure file sizes behave strangely

CS-1236 User own profile view doesn't open from profile menu

CS-1237 User profile image weirdly cut in profile menu

CS-1250 Admin can edit user data outside admin portal

CS-1264 Getting zip file content gives an error

CS-1280 Blurring focus event on matChips is not working in Angular 14

CS-1281 UserListView won't show correct users after back and forth navigation

CS-1283 Creation of new organization to sync not working

CS-1284 Fix buffer conversion when downloading from azure files

CS-1287 Creating new sync project and trying to sync from BD timeouts

CS-1305 Label validity check should not check already applied labels

CS-1339 Front end shows error and never loads if no entity types exist

CS-1340 Workspace client needs permissions to manage user's string list

CS-1347 Restoring from recycle bin sometimes loses entities

CS-1358 Entity-list-view doesn't keep updated on modifications made to entities

CS-1363 Back end won't let front end to change overwrite locked and revision locked fields

CS-1387 Docker Hub image pull error

CS-1393 MongoDB transaction problem solving

CS-1408 Remove drop zone from entity-views

CS-1410 Files are not showing correctly in object view right after upload

CS-1413 Fix chip unit tests that fails occasionally

CS-1414 Sync's login page flashes after login before redirecting to the front page

CS-1415 Labels added in admin portal doesn't appear filtering

CS-1416 Login from front end tries to login with old tenant

CS-1418 Browser favicons are Angular default icons

CS-1421 Round mask clips Sync logo on Safari

CS-1435 Dotnet micro services won't work with K8s config maps correctly

Technical task

CS-5 Learn OpenAPI 3 Specification

CS-6 Learn Swagger Editor

CS-7 Test and decide whether we use Java Annotations or YML definition files

CS-17 Document decided practices

CS-18 Document all existing API endpoints

CS-22 Build docker images with BuildKit

CS-23 Study unit testing in Spring

CS-24 Document unit testing practices

CS-25 Unit testing for Document service

CS-26 Unit testing for Project service

CS-28 Document decided practices

CS-30 Initial setup / unit tests to Bamboo CI/CD environment

CS-31 Initial setup / API tests to Bamboo CI/CD environment

CS-49 Push/pull docker images to private docker registry

CS-51 Exceptions for Document Service

CS-53 Code cleanup for Project Service

CS-54 Code cleanup for Document Service

CS-58 Deploy API gateway to Kubernetes cluster

CS-60 Add configuration for goals Start/Stop

CS-61 Divide application.yml to profiles for DocumentService

CS-62 MongoDB's id vs uuid

CS-64 Configure discovery service and clients

CS-65 Handle exceptions between micro services

CS-66 Divide application.yml to profiles for ProjectService

CS-68 Divide application.yml to profiles for Api gateway

CS-69 Create a model for new project

CS-70 Add modelId to document model

CS-73 update API tests

CS-77 Return a JSON object containing error info when catching exceptions

CS-79 Add query method for search

CS-80 Update API tests

CS-85 Add last modifiers name and time of modification

CS-86 Add uploader's name and time of upload

CS-88 Add unit tests for search

CS-92 Add apitests

CS-93 Add support for image-files

CS-94 Change repository date-format from Long to Instant

CS-97 Running application outside Kubernetes

CS-98 Deploy cloud services to Kubernetes cluster

CS-99 Setup Kubernetes for local development environment

CS-101 Add an endpoint to get a single document

CS-102 Update tests

CS-103 Unify endpoint paths and documentation

CS-104 Connect external Mongo database from Kubernetes pod

CS-105 Remove eureka-references

CS-124 Allow Angular development environment access

CS-125 Add new project Rest resource path refactored to describe better the action

CS-127 Tools to add, delete, list, view projects

CS-131 Using Istio for service mesh load balancing, circuit breaker, fail over and much more

CS-344 Dockerize Angular app

CS-345 Setup Bitbucket Pipeline

CS-346 Display git version information

CS-347 Setup SonarCloud & Snyk analysis \+ deployment

CS-354 Entitylistitem component

CS-356 Preferences screen

CS-360 Navigate back directive

CS-394 Proxy config for Angular

CS-400 Update back end urls

CS-401 Fetch entities from entity service

CS-448 Research for best practices to create a responsive and configurable layout

CS-452 Change desktop search to match the new layout

CS-461 Make the side content area resizable

CS-462 Display form fields

CS-463 Update data to server

CS-464 Allow for adding new fields

CS-465 Editable keys / remove entry for additional fields

CS-466 Dialog for the edit form

CS-468 Add unit tests

CS-474 Add navigation logic when changing between handset and desktop

CS-477 Registration component

CS-478 Form control and validation

CS-480 Add captcha

CS-481 Create new tenants with tenant service

CS-486 Add unit tests

CS-487 Create UI component for tree

CS-498 Get connections from backend

CS-507 Validate CAPTCHA on backend

CS-513 Component for creating new entities

CS-516 Upload created entity to backend

CS-517 Handle linking entity to other entities

CS-521 Create and upload files

CS-533 Study deployment to AKS staging/poduction environment using Bitbucket Pipelines

CS-534 Study and decide deployment strategy to use

CS-540 Study how to push container versions to dock hub

CS-541 Study how to enable actuator endpoints to monitor service

CS-542 Study deployment strategy for MongoDB

CS-544 Study how to inject Git Information like version tag Into Spring

CS-546 Implement own version of the Angular tree DataSource

CS-547 Maven CI Friendly Versions

CS-548 Tests

CS-578 Implement entity tool dialog

CS-582 Implement file tool dialog

CS-585 Separate desktop and handset versions of tool menu into two components

CS-602 Entity and file delete functionality

CS-616 Shared confirm dialog

CS-618 Implement Multi-Entity attach files

CS-619 Implement Multi-Entity create

CS-620 Implement Multi-Entity modify

CS-621 Implement Multi-Entity connection create

CS-658 Check UI to show correct product name

CS-667 Set up test & staging AKS instance

CS-668 Set up production AKS instance

CS-671 Set up Keycloak in AKS for test environment

CS-672 Set up Keycloak in AKS for staging environment

CS-675 Set up MongoDB Atlas for test environment

CS-676 Set up MongoDB Atlas for staging environment

CS-677 Set up MongoDB Atlas for production environment

CS-729 Ensure the user knows what item he/she is deleting.

CS-739 Update tool menus to match new UI design found in Figma

CS-755 Study if we should use Keycloak operator

CS-783 Add 'recentSearches' field to User

CS-785 Use File Service copy \(reference counting\) functionality in entity service

CS-786 Implement copy functionality to front end

CS-787 Implement copy and move dialogs to front end

CS-789 Visualizing thumbnails correctly

CS-791 Fix csrf token handling when calling file service from entity service

CS-812 Add user's recent searches into user interface.

CS-815 Change tenant setting dto value to object

CS-880 Fix user entity list Newman/Postman tests in AKS

CS-1071 Use version annotation while updating visualizer data for files in file service

CS-1121 Create UI for system settings page

CS-1132 Create dialogs for system settings functionality

CS-1151 Implement functionality for system settings page

CS-1251 Change all untyped forms into strictly typed forms

CS-1252 Research Angular v14 changes and deprecation

CS-1257 Vertex ERP API Exception handling

CS-1260 Learning best practices to follow

CS-1266 Fix Bitbucket pipeline bug induced by Angular v14

CS-1267 Update angular-auth-oidc-client to version 14

CS-1275 Provide OIDC client configuration for Angular run-time configuration

CS-1276 Implement PricingModel enum to avoid Strings around the code

CS-1301 Implement more easily manageable module and folder structure

CS-1351 Clarify requirements and system architecture


CS-214 Research authentication for electron and angular

CS-351 Nested routing with login and navigation

CS-503 Implement tests

CS-508 Implement front end dialog to show options for files with same name

CS-581 Implement silent-renew

CS-586 Error handling for preview component

CS-587 Error handling for 401 and 403 errors

CS-588 Better error handling for EntityView component

CS-752 Plan and design user list views

CS-753 Implement filtering features into user interface

CS-882 Fix security permission \(scope\) handling for user entity lists

CS-883 Remove favorites and recentSearches fields from user object

CS-890 Client library for communicating with fileservice

CS-988 Fix k8s deployment yaml settings to correctly connect to file service from user service

CS-1033 Fix profile picture thumbnail being empty string instead of null when there is no profile picture

CS-1035 Use Version annotation in tenant and user service

CS-1036 Use Version annotation in file service

CS-1075 Create Bitbucket pipeline

CS-1076 Create unit tests

CS-1077 Create Postman tests

CS-1078 Create .NET 6.0 application

CS-1129 Implement file service PATCH endpoints according to RFC 6902

CS-1130 Implement tenant and user service PATCH endpoints according to RFC 6902

CS-1212 Implement event search

CS-1213 Add deployment to aks to Bitbucket pipeline

CS-1214 Add Sonarcloud scans to Bitbucket pipeline

CS-1215 Configure Keycloak for event service

CS-1216 Connect to notification service and send notifications

CS-1217 Run postman tests in Bitbucket pipeline

CS-1218 Write readme for event service

CS-1317 Study - Do we need back-channel logout for SLO?

New Feature

CS-4 Define and implement best practice to document Microservice OpenAPI's

CS-9 Define and implement best practice for test automation to Microservice OpenAPI's

CS-56 DeleteResource-endpoint for Document Service

CS-91 Support for image-files

CS-100 Endpoint to fetch a single document

CS-116 Return blob instead of base64 when downloading file

CS-117 Add support for annotationId when uploading file

CS-134 Add support for linking objects when adding a document

CS-217 Investigate and implement factory for desktop and web authentications

CS-350 Entity view

CS-352 Hamburger menu

CS-353 Entity list view

CS-359 Cloud tenant registration process planning

CS-361 Implement multi tenant login

CS-362 Connect Cloud UI to back end

CS-366 Implement theme support to Cloud UI

CS-367 Language support

CS-368 Grid layout for entity-list-view

CS-371 Display linked documents and entities on EntityView

CS-372 PDF viewer

CS-423 Dynamic form to display entity details

CS-424 Initial registration page

CS-428 Add correct color palettes and opacities

CS-437 Responsive and configurable layout for desktop

CS-439 Image viewer

CS-440 File upload to entity

CS-442 Navigation tree

CS-445 Display unix time as date and time

CS-446 Set tenant name for RestAPI tests using Postman environment variable

CS-447 Use same username/password with tenant service RestAPI Tests

CS-449 Use vertex realm and same user for all services

CS-456 Add User Service features to Tenant Service \(monolithic combination?\)

CS-475 Implement search history

CS-479 Fetch Entity types from Entity Service

CS-491 Plan user management flow & practices

CS-494 Create new Entities

CS-519 Implement component when needed items are not found.

CS-584 Add error handling for Cloud UI views

CS-590 Long press directive

CS-591 Implement user invitation view

CS-594 Implement view for user listing

CS-610 Decide what is the place to store tenant specific configurations

CS-623 Change entitylistview to use back end to fetch all types

CS-625 Ability to activate selection mode through hover

CS-642 Implement right click functionality for tool menu

CS-643 Save user's view choice \(grid or list\)

CS-646 Add logo and make some icon changes

CS-661 Organization specific database & endpoints for settings

CS-682 Figure out how to do client side conflict detection

CS-702 Recent searches lists other user's search terms.

CS-718 Object Copy, Move and Delete features

CS-719 Print feature for objects

CS-721 Implement file download via front end

CS-751 Recycle bin for deleted entities and files back end implementation

CS-775 Implement full-text search for all Entity fields

CS-776 Implement Entity search based on query parameters

CS-792 Document thumbnails generated more eye-friendly

CS-796 Ability to add labels for an Entity from front end

CS-805 User snackbar messages for different situations \(info, error, success\)

CS-809 Plan user invitation/addition work flow and user interfaces

CS-820 Making application version aware like 1.0.0-beta#36-sha1:da5sd2

CS-825 Implement user profile views

CS-842 Add profile picture field for user

CS-897 POC: One Vertex Store & Licence portal

CS-954 WOPI host implementation

CS-964 Recycle bin for deleted entities and files UI implementation

CS-966 Try implementing runtime configuration with a different approach

CS-976 Refactor frontbench to match back end's new connection models

CS-1058 Show truncated text on mobile devices

CS-1074 Basic EventService implementation

CS-1087 Admin portal's main page

CS-1088 Merge admin user list into new admin portal

CS-1089 Label management page for admin

CS-1090 System settings page for admin

CS-1095 Labels for backend

CS-1122 Start implement branching system to Entity Service

CS-1147 Design and plan User interface to manage Roles stored in Keycloak

CS-1164 Add new labels

CS-1198 Edit label description and activity

CS-1208 Connect user group interface and back end

CS-1209 Create component for adding/removing users into group

CS-1255 Revision description into Sync user interface

CS-1256 Revision description support into Sync back end

CS-1309 Require login to enter into admin portal

CS-1315 Back end support for user groups

CS-1318 Empty Recycle bin

CS-1411 Recycle bin children count sometimes returns 500

CS-1417 Entity edit view has misaligned text and missing margins

CS-1422 Connect groups to user view

CS-1430 Add run-time configuration with support to multiple configs to front end

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