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Add a Drawn 2D Profile to the Library

Go to the File tab in Vertex.

Click New to create a new 2D drawing.


Enter the name of the 2D drawing.

Max 16 characters, no spaces.

Draw a desired profile yourself.

This must be drawn in actual size.

Make sure that all lines are connected to each other. (Concatenate Lines)

Add a hatch after drawing.

The true center point can be obtained by drawing guides.

Place the true center of the figure in the origin point of the drawing sheet.

Save the drawing in the profile library that you have created for this type of profile.

Go to the System tab in Vertex.

Click on the Profile drop down menu.

Click the Edit Cross Sections button to get the list of all profile libraries.

Click on the name of the profile library to be adjusted.

Click on the 1st icon Cross section library to adjust the Code and Description.

Adjust the Code and Description.

At Cross Section Accurate and Cross Section Coarse, enter the name + the .vxp extension of the 2D drawing. This creates a link to the 2D drawing.

Cross Section Coarse

Individual details of the model are not visible.


Cross Section Accurate

Individual details of the model, for example rounding off, are visible.

Localized Feature

This feature is only available in the Benelux environment.

If you are going to change profiles you must ALWAYS click on the Update Codes button to have the profiles updated in the coding database.

Notification that the profiles are being written to the coding database.

In this case, you do not need to use the 2nd icon Cross section parameters library in the Edit menu, because you made a direct link with the 2D drawing.

The Cross section parameters library is only used when you are going to perform the calculation for the profile with a program (standard profile).

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