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Release notes 1.0.0-alpha.2



Version 1.0.0-alpha.2 release date 01.03.2023

Reserve object. Let the other members of the group know that I'm working on this

Reserve building for yourself to notify colleagues I'm currently actively working on this building. Other users still can open the building and view all the data, but they cannot alter the data. So you can be sure that all the modifications you make in CAD can be uploaded to Sync and no work is lost due to conflicts. Reservation information is automatically viewed in real time for the other users. All you colleagues interested in the same building get a notification about your reservation too.

Read more about Reservation and object locks (DRAFT)

Read more about Notifications (Draft)

Download or deleted several objects at once

Select multiple objects to download or delete them at once. If multiple objects are downloaded the system automatically add all the selected object's payload file into one zip file. A single objects payload file is not packed to zip. 

For multi selection you have same widely knows options. Sync selection supports Ctrl and Shift selections just like in Windows system.

Updates to Recycle bin

Recycle bin has got several improvements. Deleting objects from the bin is corrected. in previous versions the actual payload files of the objects weren't deleted. Now the payload files are deleted from the service, too.

Several improvements and bug fixes

Several improvements for thumbnail images. Added a load animation to list objects while the system is loading them to improve the user experience. 

Read all updates

All updates for this release


CS-1474 Make new Azure function to empty trash bin in staging environment

CS-1506 Improve operation locking system for Entities

CS-1528 Separate Sync item's CAD and Sync data into object of their own.

CS-1612 Populate multi select popup menu

CS-1621 Add load in progress animation into UI

CS-1633 Subscribe user to get notifications only about certain objects

CS-1646 Get thumbnails from FileService with a single request instead of request per Entity

CS-1650 Make user profile view consistent with object view on mobile

CS-1657 Update thumbnail automatically without reload

CS-1689 Add user name and reservation time on reservation icons tool tip


CS-1096 Implement notification view on top bar and new notification view

CS-1556 Abbreviate EntityService database name

CS-1674 Actually delete orphaned files

CS-1697 Change resource field of Event to contain all the necessary information


CS-1084 Building branching system


CS-656 Fix icons and app name on mobile

CS-1461 Background colour is wrong in Safari browser

CS-1614 Forgot password has a different layout compared to password change.

CS-1643 Tenant service does not update client secrets after restart

CS-1648 Last login times in 'My Account' page shows times when token is refreshed

CS-1684 Advanced search has various problems with labels, browser refresh and repeating the same search.

CS-1688 Adding user profile picture does not work.

CS-1694 Empty recycle bin does not work

CS-1704 Expired refresh token does not cause navigate to login page

CS-1725 Fix reverse bug in notification view

New Feature

CS-1086 Create events in service back end

CS-1562 Object base reservation system into back end

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