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Model window functions

Create a drawing to model

 Create a drawing to model creates a new drawing and links it automatically to the active item and model.

  1. Fill in the drawing information
    1. Drawing code is set automatically based on the model's code, or you can generate it using code series.
  2. Select template.
    1. More information about templates: Startup definitions and system settings
  3. Click ok
  4. On Select sheet properties dialog, you can press Cancel if you are using drwdot format drawing templates which contain file templates, drawing sheet, and tables (BOM & revision list)
  5. Create the drawing you want

More information about the next steps, e.g. check-in: Open, check in and check out Flow object

 Open model's drawings

Open model's drawings opens the Flow browser and shows drawings linked to the active model

  • Open the selected drawing by double-clicking it

Save as a new document

 Save the active model as a new document to Flow with Save as new document function

  1. Fill in needed information on common, item, and document tabs. More information Create new Flow object
    1. Save as new function copies model, item and drawings and sets them new codes
  2. Checkin model and drawing to Flow so that other users can access them

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