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Create new Flow object

Creating a new SolidWorks document to Flow

  1. Start Create new Flow object command 
  2. Select document type (Part, Assembly or Drawing)
  3. Change the default template by browsing, if needed
  4. Create a new or select an existing item and fill in the item tab's fields required.
    1. Item code can be browsed from code series by clicking the button next to the item code field
  5. Create a connection to a product or a project. However, this is not mandatory
    1. Click connect also item if you want to connect also the item to a project or a product. Otherwise only the drawing or the model is connected to selected project and/or product

Item tab

  1. Fill mandatory and optional fields in the item tab
  2. You can choose a description from the dictionary using the browse button

Document tab

You can choose a classification for the document on the document tab.

You can edit item and document fields' default values on Flow systems settings: System administration->miscellaneous→system settings

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