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Startup definitions and system settings

This page describes the Flow settings that affect the operation of SolidWorks add-in.
Startup definitions are made in Flow when SolidWorks add-in is put into use first time by the organization's system administrator.
After definitions have been done, doing them again is unnecessary when other users start to use SolidWorks add-in.

Startup definitions

SolidWorks objects in Flow

SolidWorks object types must be enabled/defined to save SolidWorks models and drawings to Flow.

  • Enable Solidwork objects dwg_sw and model_sw in Flow portal
    • Portal→System Administration→Object Types
    • Enable dwg_sw and model_sw
  • Create/Edit classifications for SolidWorks objects if necessary
    • Example classification: part, assembly, main assembly
    • More information about classifications in the Flow documentation

Model and drawing custom properties

Model and drawing custom properties are used to map Flow fields with SolidWorks model. Without mapping, metadata can't be used e.g. in drawing title block

  • Define mapping in Flow system settings Portal->Miscellaneus→System Settings
    • links item metadata with SolidWorks model custom properties links drawing metadata with SolidWorks drawing custom properties

You can view SolidWorks custom properties on SolidWorks: file→properties

New mapping pairs can be added to the value field with the following instructions

  1. Find out the name of the field in Flow e.g. MARK_STD
  2. Define a name for the field to be used in SolidWorks e.g. Dimensions
  3. Add new pair (Dimensions=MARK_STD) to the value field. Make sure you don't add unnecessary spaces
  4. Restart SolidWorks if it was running when you edited the settings

You can use all drawing and item metadata fields. Exceptional field names are:

Possible fields (from version 1.0.9)

  • STATUSNAME (visible name of drawing or item status)
  • ITEMCODE (Item code, only in setting) 

Special field names whose name differs from the fields in Flow user interface:

  • VERIFIER (Initials of user who has verified drawing) 
  • VERIFIEDDATE (Date of verification)
  • APPROVER (Initials of user who has approved drawing)
  • APPROVEDDATE (Date of approval)

Mapping does not needed and custom property data can be used directly:

OBJCODE can be shown on drawing with text macro $PRP:"SW-File Name"

Edit and value fields in Flow portal

Once fields are linked, Flow fields are copied to SolidWorks custom property fields during a model or drawing checkout. Respectively SolidWorks custom property fields are copied back to Vertex Flow object fields during object checkin.

Import drawing and model templates

Model and drawing templates are needed to create models and drawings in SolidWorks

  1. Download default templates
  2. Import zip folder to Flow by using Flow import function

Default SolidWorks templates are defined in Flow system settings with the following keywords: sw.part.template.classification, sw.assembly.template.classification, sw.drawing.template.classification

Make sure that classification of imported objects matches the keyword value.

To create new drawing templates, look over: Edit drawing sheet BOM and revision tables

When creating a drawing, the order of the templates in the template selection dropdown menu is defined alphabetically by the template's object name (OBJNAME). To change order, edit object names

Import revision list and bill of material templates

Separate revision list and bill of material templates are used in 2D drawings if tables are not defined on drawing sheet template. See Edit drawing sheet BOM and revision tables

  1. Download default templates 
  2. Import zip folder to Flow by using Flow import function

Revision list is defined in Flow systems settings with sw.revision.list.template and bill of material with (Portal->Miscellaneus→System Settings)

Make sure that the name of imported objects matches to keyword value

As default revision list is a document having objname SW-template-revisionlist and bill of material is a document having objname SW-template-BOM

Code series

Code series are used to generate codes for objects. Flow for SolidWorks uses the Flow code series in the same way as the Flow Internet browser.

You can find documentation about code series in the Flow documentation

As default 

  • SolidWorks add-in doesn't cause changes to item code series
  • SolidWorks models and drawings get codes of the same series named SW when you create them without an item
  • In case you create the item, model and drawing at the same time, the program sets the item code to model and drawing

Below are the minimum code series settings for SolidWorks model and drawing. You can change the code settings page by clicking on the link indicated by the arrow.

Flow system settings

Flow administrator can change in Flow portal system setting keywords affecting Flow for SolidWorks operation. Keywords are described below.

sw.conversions.drawingDrawing secondary files, e.g. PDF,DWG, none = no format
all formats
sw.conversions.modelModel secondary files, e.g. PDF,DWG, none = no format
all formats except DWG table template search key and value e.g. OBJNAME=SW-template-BOM
sw.revision.list.templateRevision table template search key and value e.g. OBJNAME=SW-template-revlist

sw.part.template.classificationPart template classification
sw.assembly.template.classificationAssembly template classification
sw.drawing.template.classificationDrawing template classification

sw.default.drawing.classificationNew drawing default classification
sw.default.drawing.classification.assemblyNew drawing default assembly classification
sw.default.drawing.classification.partNew drawing default part classification
sw.default.item.classification.assemblyNew item default assembly classification
sw.default.item.classification.drawingNew item default drawing classification
sw.default.item.classification.partNew item default part classification
sw.default.item.itemgroupNew item default itemgroup

sw.default.item.pdmobjecttypeidNew item default object type
sw.default.item.unitNew item default unit

sw.default.model.classification.assemblyNew model default assembly classification
sw.default.model.classification.partNew model default part classification
empty custom property and Flow field map separated by commas (model) custom property and Flow field map separated by commas

sw.update.urlFlow for SolidWorks Add-in updating URL
sw.transfer.part.itemSet part model material to item structure (true or false). Custom property MATERIALITEMCODE / Solidworks material items are created to Flow during transfer if true.true / falsetrue
sw.mass.calc.unit.factorMass calculation unit factor, 1=kg, 1000=g

1 or 1000

1 transfer to Flow can use configuration name as item codetrue / falsefalse

Background converter creates Vertex light model file in case SW model is checked in with STEP format filetrue / falsetrue

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