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Vertex Wall Engineering

Wall engineering for light gauge steel wall panels

You asked and we delivered! Vertex wall engineering is a highly requested tool for light gauge steel wall constructions. It is now added in Vertex BD 2024. It allows users to check the capacity of studs, headers and lintels in the wall structures against the reactions from the trusses above. 

After truss engineering is finished, Vertex wall engineering extracts the unfactored reaction loads and apply them onto the wall panels beneth automatically. Users can also apply any additional loads if needed. The benefits of this tools are:

  • Precision: The reaction loads are located exactly where they should be. The wall structure can be optimised locally according to the engineering results. 
  • Save time and labour: Engineers can now easily access a table summary with pass/fail infomation about the wall panels. It takes the guess-work and tedious manual calculation out of your work flow. 
  • User friendly UI and output: Running Vertex wall engineering is just several clicks and the results are easily acessible in Vertex BD.


Vertex wall engineering uses the same tool as truss engineering. Simply make sure you are in wall model pairs. 

Loads transferred from the trusses above are clearly visualised. 


The calculation results will be shown in a simple schedule, indicating the passed and failed wall panels and pieces. 

User can find more information about the engineering results of each pieces in Piece Properties. 

To read more about wall engineering and step-by-step instruction, please read Wall Engineering Guide.

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