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Light Gauge Steel 2023

Panel to panel connections

Purlins to trusses

You can now connect purlins over trusses and ceiling battens under trusses in one command using a web hole or triple web hole by connection details → Trusses → Purlins to Trusses. Purlins can be laid on the web or flush on the inside of the web

Floor joists to wall studs

You can now connect floor panel headers and side pieces to the wall studs by bolt by Wall panel framing accessories → panel to panel → Floor to Wall Bolt Connection. Start the command and press CTRL-A to select all wall and floor panels and confirm

Trusses to beams

Trusses can now be connected to C Channel Beams by connection details → Trusses → Trusses to Beams using the same connection as existing floor truss free end bolts. Both floor trusses and sloped trusses are supported. The connection is recognized with the truss engineering module. It adds a hole where the bolts are positioned but you can optionally turn the holes off

Bracing Tools

New Z bracing style - stud to stud

A new bracing framing accessory has been added which connects to the studs instead of noggings

New bracing style - split plate to stud

A new bracing framing accessory has been added which can be added over multiple stud bays

Flat strip bracing can be chosen for floor and roof secondary joist / blocking details

In the floor and roof framing tool you can now choose the top side or both sides for flat strip bracing if you have set a value for the secondary spacing

Wall opening header details (metric only)

Trussed lintel type 2 improved

When using the truss lintel type 2, diagonals on the bottom half and verticals in the top half, the verticals now align over the centre of the diagonal pairs

A new version of truss lintel type 2 has been created

The truss lintel type 2 now has an inverted option so the diagonal webs start from the top instead of the bottom

Connection detail improvements

Hot roll angle bracket connection can be used with light gauge steel profiles

You can now use the hot roll angle bracket connection to detail light gauge steel floor header track connections. With NC setup file changes the correct punch can be written to the NC file eg TRIPLE_WEB or WEB_HOLE

Edit all deflection joint properties

A new deflection fastener editing option has been created under Light Gauge Steel joints → Fasteners. It allow you to edit all the deflection joints in the project

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