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What's New in Vertex BD 2023

New Smart Model - design once, use many times

Save time and reduce repetitive tasks by updating sub-assemblies automatically

A room or a structure can now be designed as a Smart Model to be used in many places. For example, an apartment building may have several identical bathrooms and only a few different bathrooms.

In this case, you'll need to design the bathroom only once and duplicate it to each unit. In case of a design change, only the main model needs to be updated and all changes are automatically updated everywhere where the main model has been used. Simply remove the link to the main model from the bathroom that deviates, and it won't get updated automatically. The Smart Model can also be used in panel detailing, for example in the openings.

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Shorten the project turnaround time with Shared Models

Several people can work within the project at the same time

To keep the lead time of the project short, several designers need to work simultaneously. Now you can share the Vertex BD 3D model to several different designers, so that different parts of the project can be designed at the same time. For example, one works with the wall panels, another with the floor panels, the third the dry walls, the fourth adds utility holes and so on. When people work within the same 3D model, design time is reduced and the number of errors decreases.

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IFC 4 import is now fully supported

Ensure compatibility with third-party software

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is an international construction industry standard for data transfer between different software applications. IFC 4(.X) is the most recently released file format and commonly used file format today. The renewed IFC import technique ensures updating and the utilization of improved IFC features in the future. Vertex also supports the older IFC 2x3 version. Read more: IFC 2x3 to IFC 4.

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Import pipes from 3rd-party software and create accurate service holes automatically

Reduce errors and avoid clashes by creating service holes using the IFC model

In previous versions of Vertex BD, using the IFC model to create service holes required manual work. Now it can be done automatically or interactively using the 3D geometry of the IFC model. As a result, adding service holes is faster and there are fewer risks of human error. You can also adjust tolerances in the interactive tool.

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New smart framing tools to protect design changes

You can teach the panels which parts cannot be updated

A panel may sometimes have areas or parts that require manual detailing, or a specific sub-assembly is required in all panels. To avoid losing your work when generating parts for the panels, you may want to keep the area untouched or keep the parts unchanged. With part cutout zone, an area can be protected, so that no new parts are generated there, or the parts can also be defined as non-updatable, in which case they remain unchanged.

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+Many more improvements and new features

Vertex BD Upgrades and Updates

How to get the new version?

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