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Floor Framing Joint Connection Types

Every piece in every detail has a Joint ID. These IDs are paired together to form a connection, for example trimmed to a piece end to target piece plane or to use an ADT style connection like a light gauge steel joint.

Example: You want the joist to connect to the header. Look at the JOIST framing detail and see that it as has the Joint ID "JST". The HEADER detail has the Joint ID "HDR", so a joint needs to made JST -> HDR.

In the Framing Joints library, you can edit those connection pairs and the joints can have different types.

Those connection types are shown in the picture below:

Choose a connection type that trims the piece end to the correct target plane you want. If you want to activate advanced detailing, enter TRY into the Detailing field. The framing detail that you want your piece end to connect to must then have an ADT program with the number 1 in brackets, for example eg jhanger(1).

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