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8.6 Roof Panels ( Hip and Gable-Ends )

  • Now we will create the roof panels for the Hip and Gable ends. Since the panel is going to be too big to be transportable, so first we will split the hip panel into two panels.

  •  Select the hip roof plane and the 'Plane Structure' tab get activated in the ribbon bar.
  • Select 'Panel Break'. OR after selecting the panel you can right click and from the contextual menu select 'Panel Break'

  • You can rotate the Panel Break line input by using the arrow keys on the keyboard
  • OR right click and from the contextual menu select horizontal, vertical etc.)
  • Change it till it is in the correct orientation and then pick the ridge point so that you can split the hip roof plane into two sections.

  • While the panel is already selected. ClickGenerate Panels’
  • OR right click and from the contextual menu select ‘Generate Panels’

  • The proposed panels will display as shown 

  • Select Panel on both the panels ( press CTRL to select more than one panel ).
  • Right click ( in contextual menu you will have few options ). Here we will select first option ‘build panels based on current layer’ (as shown ) and click on OK to confirm.

  • The Panel Build dialog box will appear.
  • Click on 'Parameters' 

  • Adjust the rafter & Support spacing (as per the requirement) and Click  on OK, that will take you back to 'Panel build' dialog box.


  • Check the 'Structure' and 'Use' fields and Click on OK 

  • Roof frames will be generated.

  • Repeat this process to create other roof panels 
  • Except for the gable end roof, you will have to change the 'Structure' field to 'GABLELADDER_COMMON' and click on OK.  That will bring up the component properties window. 

  • Select the 'Gable ladder' library ( as shown )


  • Press F2 to switch to 3D view


Roof panel structure such as rafter spacing and section spacing can be changed.

  • Click on the roof panel number. Right click and from the contextual menu, click on Framing Tool.
  • That will bring up Framing Tool dialog box. 

  • Modify the panel as per the requirement and click on OK.

  • Make sure to 'Generate Parts' for changes to take place in the roof panel. 

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