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8.3 Valley / Saddle trusses

  • Now we can create Valley / Saddle trusses in the transitional area where the two roofs interface.
  • Click on Trusses → Valley Trusses

  • Set the spacing for Valley trusses  and click on OK

  • Select above slopes as shown.
  • Right click and from the contextual menu click on OK  to confirm OR  Press ‘V’ to confirm.

  • Select below slopes as shown. 
  • Right click and from the contextual menu click on OK  to confirm OR Press ‘V’ to confirm.

  • Right Click and from contextual menu select the ‘From Both Ends’ button.     ( This spaces the trusses towards the centre from each end of the selected points ).

  • Select the points for the extent of the truss spacing.
  • Select the first point ( as shown ) as you move the cursor towards the left hand side, with the appearance of this 
     sign click Left mouse button  OR  Press U, that will lock the cursor in X Axis.
  • Select the last point ( as shown )  Right click and from the contextual menu click on OK to confirm OR press ‘V’ to Confirm. 

  • Little menu pops up asking to delete old trusses, Click on NO 

  • You now have the Valley / saddle trusses ( as shown ). 
  • You may have to move, stretch, delete or align them, depends on the suitability and then don't forget to update update them.


  • Press F2 to switch to 3D view


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