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Template Documents

Improve the queality of your projects by making tempalte documents out of your commonly used models

Create similar models using template documents

When copying the model from a previous project and modifying it, you also duplicate any problems and errors that were present in the original. Vertex G4 now enables an easy way to create reusable, high-quality geometry using template documents.

Defining template document

You can save the model to the template document library from the 'Save As New' menu. The model can be either a part or an assembly.

Before saving the model to the library, a geometry check is performed. If the geometry is already defective at this stage or if there are faulty conditions in the assembly, the model cannot be saved. This is done to prevent starting with a defective situation when using the template document. If the check is successful, the document is saved as a new template document.

Usign template documents

When creating a new part in the future, you can choose a template document in the 'New Document' dialog.

Editing template documents

Sometimes there is a need to edit an existing template document. You can open the editable model through the browser (B) by opening.

The same rules apply when saving the edited template document as when saving a new one. The geometry must pass the check.

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