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Self-study material

Learn about the interface and archiving

  • Learn the terms used in the instructions and the structure of the Vertex desktop.
  • Check out Vertex's model and drawing archiving.
  • Learn how to edit a database.

Learn how to sketch

  • Part modeling almost always begins with a sketch. The sketch is used to make a feature of the part.
  • This is the most important thing for a beginner to master in order to model parts successfully.

Learn how to model parts

  • In the part modeling course you learn sketching and other modeling functions.
  • You will learn how to add raw material to a part, make a drawing with Bill Of Material information.

Learn how to model assemblies

  • In the assembly modeling course, you will learn the principles of how parts are positioned relative to each other.
  • You will learn to make pattern of parts. You will also learn how to create assembly drawings and lists of parts.

Learn how to model sheet metal part

  • The sheet metal course introduces functionalities related to the processing of part models made by bent sheet metal, which are not found for a regular part.
  • You also learn how to unbent sheet metal, which you need to cut or laser-open the model.

Learn how to model profile structures

  • In the Profile Structure course, you will learn an effective way to model profile structures by first sketching a guide geometry that controls the placement and length of profiles.
  • You will also learn how to model your own profiles.

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