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Reference part

Manage assemblies by specifying auxiliary geometry as a reference part

Simplify the management of auxiliary geometry with the reference part concept

The control part is a concept that allows you to define a part solely as a control or auxiliary geometry-containing part. The idea of a control part is to be auxiliary geometry that enables you to control, for example, the placements of assembly components. When using skeleton techniques, the skeleton is precisely a typical control part.

The reference part is geometrically equivalent to any other part. However, it has the following characteristics:

  • The reference part does not appear in any parts list.

  • The part cannot be machined with machining tools.

  • The reference part does not appear in drawings.

  • The reference part does not transfer when exporting the file to other systems.

  • It is not considered in collision checks.

You can define any local part as a reference part. In the part properties, there is an option called 'Reference part.' Once you have designated a part as a reference part, its icon in the assembly tree becomes black

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