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Profile cutting list with images

Make sure your cutting list with images is always up-to-date

Profile cutting list with images now updates like other drawings

Now you can add an cutting list with images to the drawing list. It updates and behaves like a regular drawing, so your cutting list stays up-to-date.

Creating an updating cutting list

As a new option under the 'Drawings' menu, there is now 'New Profile Cut List.' This creates a drawing in the list with the prefix CL_. You can update the list by using the right-click menu or by opening it. The illustrated cut list is also included in batch prints. Note that when updating, the entire illustrated cut list is recreated, and any manual changes you may have made to the list will be lost during the update.

The new functionality aims to ensure that the cut list always reflects the actual geometry. Like other drawings, the illustrated cut list appears in the tree in red if it needs updating.

Please note that you can still gather the same list using the 'Part List Collection' function. This function still generates an independent, non-updating listing.

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