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Model Based Definition

Model Based Definition is now a part of Vertex G4

Model-Based Definition (MBD) is a way of conveying functional product information through a 3D model. The idea is to move towards drawingless manufacturing. Vertex G4 now extensively supports product information presented in 3D.


Theoretically Exact Dimensions (TED dimensions)

You can add boxed TED dimensions or provide tolerances according to the normal tolerance system for the dimensions you want. In 3D, you have length, angle, and diameter dimensions available. In the future, the Dimension tool on the Part and Assembly tabs will be removed.

Geometric Tolerances

Geometric tolerances, basic dimensions, restricted basic dimensions, and basic dimension systems are available in 3D. You can also define a geometric general tolerance for the model and attach it to the model window for visibility. During the placement of geometric tolerances, checks are made for the reasonableness of the tolerances. If you try to apply parallelism to two perpendicular surfaces, the program highlights the geometric tolerance in red.

Surface Roughness Annotations

Surface roughness annotations are placed in the same way as other MBD annotations. It is also possible to place a general surface mark in its own plane.

Annotation levels

A new concept has been implemented in the assembly tree to help control the visibility of annotations. Annotation Levels represent the main directions in which annotations can be placed. Switching an annotation to another level is done by dragging it to a new branch in the tree.

By right-clicking on the Annotation Levels, you can bring up a menu to choose what is currently visible.

There is also a dynamic annotation mode where, as the model is rotated, only the annotations visible in the viewing direction are shown.

Merkintöjen hyödyntäminen ilman MBD-yhteensopivaa konekantaa

Mallin analysointi

Mallia analysoitaessa voit nyt tarkastaa myös MBD -merkintöjen oikeellisuuden.

Merkintöjen nostaminen piirustukseen

Piirustusta luotaessa on käytössä toiminto, joka nostaa MBD -merkinnät mallin piirustukseen. Tällöin käyttäjälle jää enää tehtäväksi sijoitella merkinnät piirustuksessa.

Utilizing Annotations without an MBD-Compatible machining cells

Model Analysis

When analyzing the model, you can now verify the correctness of MBD annotations.

Lifting Annotations to Drawings

When creating a drawing, there is a function available that lifts MBD annotations from the model to the drawing. In this case, the user is left with the task of placing the annotations in the drawing.

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