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Feature Recognitition

Identify chamfer and fillet chains, as well as other shapes in imported parts

Identify chamfer and fillet chains as well as other shapes in imported parts

G4's feature recognition is a tool for selecting surfaces. Recognition starts from the user's chosen surface(s). The surfaces identified as the same feature remain selected, and other G4 functions, such as the 'Surfaces' menu tools, can be applied to them.


You can initiate feature recognition from the toolbars or the context menu. In the ribbon of the user interface on the import tab, the starting surface(s) do not need to be pre-selected. However, when initiated from the context menu, the surfaces must be selected.

Difference Between Network and Chain

In the chamfer and fillet selection, you can choose either a network or a chain. Network means that the program attempts to select all fillets connected in any direction to the fillet chain extending from the selected surface.

On the other hand, Chain selection aims to select a continuously aligned chain, excluding intersecting fillets.

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