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Design Automation options

Design Automation Concept has been revoked

Design Automation options have been changed

There is now only one design automation option instead of the previous three. Most of the automation commands are now standard in Vertex G4.

G4 allows running the automator from the command line.

The new design automation option

Until version 29, Vertex offered three levels of design automation options: Presto, Tempo, and Forte. In version 30, these were removed, and most design automation commands are now standard features of Vertex G4. A few advanced functions have been left behind as part of the new design automation option. The name of the new design automation option is 'Design Automator.'

By default, G4 includes all the functions of the Presto option and most of the functions of the Tempo option.

The former design automation options correspond to the new ones as follows:

Old option (<=29.0)

New option (>=30)


included by default


included by default


Design automation


Design automation

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