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Fix Template Main Dimension to Dimension Overall Plates or End Studs

This is a problem where the overall or Main dimension dimensions overall the frame, including any bracing that may be protruding from the top and bottom plates.

This fix eliminates the bracing, thereby ensuring that the main dimension is overall plates.

  1. Open a project with a wall that has been framed with bracing in it. Ensure that the bracing is protruding below the bottom plate so that it can be tested

      2. Go to System -> Panel Drawings -> Panel Template drawings


     3. Select the template to fix, press open, select the framing label and o.k. Remember that the template cannot be in the system library.

     4. Within the drawing sheet, right click and select “Add dimension to view” and then select the panel view.

     5. Scroll down the list of dimensions until you find “Main dimension”

     6. Go to page 2 and fill in as below. → MAIN=PIECE|PIECE.COND=PIECE_TYPE <> 31 and PIECE_TYPE <> 32 and PIECE_TYPE <> 41 and PIECE_TYPE <> 18

     7. Press O.k and position the dimension on the drawing. Select Replace when prompted.

     8. Existing drawings will have to be edited or re-created.

     9. If you have multiple templates to fix, you will have to go through this procedure for each template and replace the main dimension. However, the parameters on page 2 should only have to be adjusted once.

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