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Create a New Window Library

You can create a new window library by copying windows from another library, which can be either a system library or a custom library. In this example, the windows are copied from the system library.

Select System | Libraries | Libraries. The library browser opens.

Select the folder System Libraries.

Select the library type Windows.

Select the library, for example Standard Windows.

Select one or more windows that you want to copy.

Open the right-click menu and select either of the following:

  • If you want to copy the windows to an existing custom library, select Copy. Then select a library in the Custom Libraries / Windows folder, open the right-click menu and select Paste.
  • If you want to create a new library, select Copy to New Library. Enter a description for the library.

Select the custom window library, and Edit Library Content from the right-click menu.

The Window Table database view opens.

You can add or copy new rows to the database.

Adjust all the columns to suit. Make sure that all the tabs are checked.

On the Dimensions tab, you can find the parameters Rough opening width, Rough opening height and Default height.

These columns may contain the variables WTOLH (Horizontal framing tolerance for windows), WTOLV (Vertical framing tolerance for windows) and WH (Bottom of window header). You can find these variables in project parameters and you can set them for each drawing template.

Localized Feature

Project parameters may vary on different regions.

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