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Copy 1st Floor Walls to 2nd Floor

Walls of different floors are added in their own drawing-model pairs. If necessary, you can copy objects from the active drawing-model pair to another drawing-model pair. If, for example, the exterior walls of a building are similar on both the first and second floors of the building, you can copy the walls of the first floor to the floor plan of the second floor.

  1. Activate 1st level Wall Layout

    Note. your Drawing-Model Pairs dialog may look different.

  2. Select the objects you'd like to copy to 2nd floor. To select all, press Ctrl + A on your keyboard. 

  3. Right-click and select Advanced -> Copy to Another Floor

    Then select 2nd level, wall layout

  4. Click Yes

  5. If needed, hide the 1st floor reference drawing. On the Modeling Tab, click Reference Drawings -> Properties

    And unselect 1walls.vxp

  6. 1st floor walls, doors, windows and panels have been copied to 2nd floor.

    Learn more how to Change Wall Panel Labels  

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