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Convert Imported IFC parts to Vertex parts

Creating conversion rules

⦁    You can create conversion rules to custom library from IFC button in system-menu or to project library on conversion dialog.

Wall conversion

⦁    Select library wall, that you want the IFC walls to be converted. Height of wall will be adjusted on conversion to match IFC model

⦁    Mirror - mirrors wall. If conversion comes inside out, changing this will fix it and there is no need to change reference line

⦁    Reference line - adjusts converted wall's selected side to match side of IFC wall

⦁    Offset - moves created wall outwards given length

⦁    Library window and door can be selected to be used instead of geometry of IFC models window and door. The size will be adjusted to match the opening created using IFC geometry.

⦁    Size of the opening can be adjusted in horizontal and vertical direction. Given lengt will be evenly distributed to both sides in that direction.


⦁    Select wanted profile from library, 'USE' value and rotation around its main axis.

⦁    With checkbox selections you can set rule to be used with only certain type of profiles (column, beam, member)

Type conversion

⦁    First column: Type of the ifc object

⦁    Second column: Type that you want the object to be handled as during conversion.

Conversion dialog

⦁    You can select one or many objects to be converted to Vertex parts. Dialog for conversion opens from the contextual menu when IFC objects are selected


⦁    Tries to convert selected part to Vertex part using given rules

⦁    If no parts are selected, conversion will be done for all parts that are in dialog

⦁    If no rule is selected, the conversion will be done using properties and geometry of IFC object.

⦁    If the rule has been set earlier (e.g. converted and then conversion has been deleted), there is possibility to use it again also with empty selection

⦁    If selected rule has been updated after setting it to part, you may choose which one to use

Delete Conversion -button

⦁    Deletes all conversions made from the part


⦁     Name

⦁     Original type

⦁    Converted as type - Type you want part to be handled as during conversion. This doesn't change IFC objects type permanently

⦁    Conversion - Conversion rules saved to library. Only rules applicable to type selected in 'Converted As Type' column will be listed.

⦁     Status:    

⦁    Type's conversion not supported - To be able to convert, you need to select other type to 'Converted As Type' -column

⦁    Subpart of another conversion - Part may be converted when converting the parent part (e.g. windows in wall conversion) even when not selected for convert.

⦁    Conversion succeeded/failed

⦁    Conversions deleted: count of deleted conversions

⦁    You can change multiple 'Converted as Type' and 'Conversion' values at time by selecting wanted rows and changing the value for one of them.

⦁    Select type conversion -dropdown list changes all 'Converted as Type' values to match the rule

Selection views

⦁    Properties of selection view shows materials, type definition and 'Reference', 'IsExternal' and 'LoadBearing' values if defined in property sets

⦁    Selected conversion view shows the definition of rule selected for selected row

⦁    Selecting row zooms to according part

Conversion Rule Buttons

⦁    Create Conversion Rule -button: Creates new conversion rule to project library

⦁    Edit rule -button: Edits rule shown in 'Selected Conversion' view. If rule is in the system library, edited rule will go to project library

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