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Component Libraries 2023

Localized Feature: Metric Units

This feature may not be available in all global regions.

New features to speed up work

Sauna components

  • Sauna seat sets (2559-2562) with parameters for creating customized saunas faster
  • Glass wall (2558) for modern saunas with variable glass panel sizes
  • New 2D presentations for better floorplans

Structural connectors folder

  • Joist hangers can now be added also manually from the component browser
  • Hangers are sorted by type and manufacturer


  • New downspout model (1399) in Building accessories/Rainwater
  • An improved dialogue box for changing the parameters of downspouts


  • New wood and metal railings (2703-2706) in Building accessories/Railings
  • With parameters and grip points for stretching to quickly create and customize railings

Space reservation components

  • Parametric basic elements (2801-2803) for sketching cabinets and kitchens
  • Label parameter for adding text
  • Kitchen/Space reservation

Distribution box and manifold cabinet

  • A parameter dialogue box for setting label, position and size
  • Includes notching parameters to cut the wall
  • Building services/HVAC/Water piping and Building services/Electrical boxes

New components in the component browser

Pool and pool cover

  • 3 and 4-segment pool covers and a matching swimming pool (3038-3040)
  • The cover can be opened by changing the parameter COVER_ON to 0
  • Parameters to resize the pool and covers
  • Courtyard equipment/Pools

Light fireplaces

  • Modern fireplaces (2527-2531) in Fireplaces and chimneys/Fireplaces

Kitchen appliances, sinks and taps

  • New sinks (1224-1227), taps (1229-1239) and appliances (1212-1223) in various materials

Outdoor items

  • Grills and pizza oven (3033-3037) in Courtyard equipment/Grills
  • Greenhouse (3100) in Courtyard equipment/Free time


  • Wooden tables (0146-0150) with size parameters in Furniture/Tables
  • Modular sofa (0151-0173) components in Furniture/Sofas/Modular Sofa 3
  • Lamps (0009-0011) in Lights/Ceiling

Improved 2D symbols

  • New 2D symbols for sleek floorplans
  • Adjusted linewidths, colors, layer properties and uniform symbol style
  • White tall cabinets 0112-0113 and kitchen appliances
  • Kitchen cabinets 0017-0047 (light) and 0101-0112, 0200-0204 (dark)

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