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Change Template Dimensions to Read Overall Frame

  1. Open the required template to alter.
  2. Select a view, right click and pick Add Dimension to View and then select the view.
  3. This dialogue box will appear.

    4. In the Geom column, enter a 1 where you wish the dimension to be shown overall the frame. If you are not able to enter anything in the column, follow these steps.

    1. Right click on a row and pick Database info. It will show the database and the missing field.


               b. Close all open boxes and drawings and go to Maintenance -> Define Structure and find the database d_VMEAS_SETUP from the custom folder and press save.

               c. Select a row, right click and Add row after. Change New Field Name to VIEW_GEOM and New Type to A1.


             d. Start again from 1. You should now be able to fill in the database.

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