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Building Management and Drawings 2023


Representation of free end cap of a partition wall

If a wall has a free end gap (old value, can be set in PARAMETERS or in wall properties), the color of the free end surfaces are set to the same color as the inner surface of the wall.

This can be disabled in user/SETUP by setting the keyword set.free_end.color= 0.

Different ways to view the free end cap in the model:

Duct holes can turn according to IFC faces

Automatic update of G4 assembly parts can be enabled or disabled

If on = Marking to the tree view

If off = Updating G4 parts automatically when adding to project


Save as a new building to DS

The project remains in the local archive, from which it must be removed using the archive tools.

Model Hierarchy settings in User settings

Tree-view of the model hierarchy


Marking support also for 2D views

Marking non-updateable parts

Room area accuracy from 0.1--> 0.5

Can be added with the keyword room_label "#NAME#|#AREARND# m^2" in system settings, more information in the instructions.

Update selected reference drawing

You can now update a separate reference drawing.

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