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Add Cripple Studs to Openings by Default

Localized Feature: Metric Units

This feature may not be available in all global regions.

  1. Edit /details/st-hdr-gen
  2. Add the line “op_cr_above=      "ST-STUDA1"” for cripples in head
  3. Add the line “op_cr_below=      "ST-STUDB1"” for cripples below sill
  4. Replacing "ST-STUDA1" with "EXECUTE:OP_CR_ABOVE" will run the ADT program that may control when to add cripples to openings.    
  5. Go to System -> Structural Libraries / Wall -> Framing details and find “ST-STUDA1” and   “ST-STUDA2”.
  6. Go to Profiles and edit Offset Width if necessary.
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