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Add a New Font to Vertex Settings

You can add a new font by editing the system settings. The font must be a True Type Font. You can search the internet for the font you want in TTF type and add it to Windows. Save the font to your computer, right-click the .ttf file and select Install

After installing the font, you can add it to the system settings.

Please note

The maximum number of fonts in the system settings is 32. The fonts are numbered starting from 0, so the possible font numbers are font(0)...font(31).

Select File > Preferences > Edit .

Select the Administrator's View, and open the branch draft / Graphics fonts. Select the keyword group BD Graphics fonts.

Select the last font keyword in the group. Right-click the 

 symbol in the first column of the row, and select Copy Keyword.

Right-click again, and select Paste Keyword.

Edit the keyword data on the new row:

  • Change the font number in the Key field.
  • Type the description of the font in quotation marks in the Data field.
  • Type a space after the description.
  • Type the font name as it is stored in the operating system.

Click OK and restart Vertex.

Add other new fonts in the same way.

Always restart Vertex after editing the system settings.

When you add or edit text, you can select the new fonts from the Fonts list.

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