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3.2 Quickly load drawing model pair as reference or Set Visibility

You can add Reference Drawing form the drawing model pair. Or ‘Set visibility’ for the intended drawing model pair.

Quick Load Reference Drawing or Model:

  • In modelling tab select ‘Reference Drawings’ and ‘Quick Load Reference Drawing or Model’


  • Drawing-Model pairs menu opens up   
  • Select the Model pair layout  that you want to use as quick reference.

  • The view of the Ground floor walls will appear in Ceiling layout now - notice the light blue coloring of the walls.

  • Reference drawings can be turned off.  just go to modelling tab select ‘Reference Drawings’ and ‘Properties’. Untick the check-box



Generally you draw walls in the ground floor model pair. But you can make them visible in the Ceiling and roof model pair. That way, you don’t have to use reference drawings.  but you have to be careful that you don’t, accidently modify or delete them in other model pair)

  • You can select an object or an item in both 2D & 3D ( Hold down the Ctrl Key to select more than one item/object ). Click right mouse button and form the contextual menu select ‘Set Visibility’.
  • In this exercise we will select all external walls, beams, columns and two internal load bearing walls, right click and from the menu select 'Set visibility'

  • That will bring up ‘Select drawing-model Pair’ window on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Tick the check box for the intended modal pair layout and don’t forget to click  on OK

  • Switch to ground floor ceiling model pair,  you will notice that the wall are visible now.

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