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2.2 Edit Project Parameters

Before drawing anything, it is a good practice that the project parameters (Building components) are set to suit.  Such as wall height, mid floor thickness, maximum length of frames etc.

Set Max. Frame Lengths Globally:

  • Due to transport restrictions in general and special requirements by some clients you may need to limit the maximum length of frames.
  • By default maximum length is set to 3600 mm. It can be changed by selection from the pull down. Double click on Settings → Design settings → Project Parameters.

  • In the top left window scroll down to Click on the Wall Framing Parameters option and you will see options for ‘Panel Breaks’. Here you can change the Max. and Min. panel length. You can choose your preferred panel length.

********** Edit 3D Levels: **********

  • 3D levels are used to manage the floor, mid floor and opening height. This functionality is only present if you have used a template with parametric settings in it. The templates that are standard in Vertex with these parametric are:
    • template-sfp-p
  • 3D level management window can be opened through the Project document browser.
  • Double click on Settings → Location and height → Project Parameters.

  • In the 3D Levels window, the 3D levels are divided into primary levels and sub-levels. Each 3D level is always floor-specific, and sub-levels are always linked to a primary level. Editing a primary level also moves the sub-levels.
  • In addition, 3D levels can be positioned by changing floor thickness, in which case the user can select whether to maintain room height or floor height.
  • The window can also be used to select the horizontal structures to be used. The selection Apply Floor and Ceiling Selection to Model enables you to update all horizontal structures in the project to correspond with the structures defined in the window.
  • Display the height levels in the model by selecting the Display 3D Levels in Model This can help to specify the location and number of the levels.

********** Select Active Drawing-Model Pairs: **********

  • You can only open drawing-model pairs that have been selected to be in use in the project.
  • You can select drawing-model pairs of a project into use or out of use 

  • Select the checkbox when you want to use the drawing-model pair or  unselect / clear the checkbox when  you don't want to use the drawing-model pair and confirm by clicking on OK.


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