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User Permission Management and Access Control

Access control

Access control is a security mechanism that determines who can access and view objects. It allows users to limit access to objects. One typical use case is when you have third-party designers in your design team. You may not want them to access all Sync content, but only the building they are working on. The easiest way to do this is to give the third-party designer a role with limited access User Management | Roles-and-Permissions. Then, give the third-party designer access to the building. You can utilize groups to add access for several users at the same time. For example, you can create a group for third-party designers or a group for a certain project or building and grant access to those groups. With groups, you don’t need to grant access to all users separately.User Management | Groups

(warning) If you limit access, only users who are added in the ‘Manage Access’ dialog can see the object. The user may get access to the object directly as a user or via a group whose members have access to the object.

Give access to an object

Click the three-dot menu of the object and select Manage access.

To add access to groups or users, enter the group or user name in the ‘Add a user or a group’ field. The field automatically searches for matching users and groups. You can also add access to multiple users at once by creating a group and granting access to that group.

If you want to remove access from a user or a group, click the recycle bin icon.


Please note that you cannot remove access to the object from yourself. The system guarantees that you have access to the object via a group or via personal access. You may have access via a group and personal access. The system does allow you to remove the group or personal access, but not both.

Click Save for the changes to take effect.

Permission management

User permissions for objects are defined by the user role. The user has the same permissions to all objects the user has access to.

Read more about Roles and Permissions User Management | Roles-and-Permissions

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Permission management and access control

People who work for the same organization can control who can see their work. For example, they can make sure that only the people who are working on the same project can see the project content. By default, everyone in the organization can see everything, if their role allows it. Some people may have a role that says they can only see what they are invited to see. Utilizing user groups for managing access on items is easy and efficient.

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