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Release notes 1.0.0-beta.9


Version 1.0.0-beta.9 release date 20.6.2024

User can add labels to multiple objects at the same time

User can add certain labels to multiple objects that already exists in the service. The user can utilize multi selection add add label to all the selected objects at the same time. Previously the user was able add labels to one object at the time.


User can switch between architect and framing model without leaving the 3D viewer

Previously an user could open architect 3D model directly from a building object view but the user must go to framing model gltf file’s object to be able to open framing model into the 3D viewer. Now 3D viewer has a model selection in 3D viewer’s side panel. From the model selection the user can switch between Architecture and Framing models without leaving the 3D viewer.


User can select organization after navigating erroneous organization

User’s license for organization has expired, but web browser remembers the address. Sometimes user writes the an erroneous url. There are several reasons why the user may end up into situation where the organization the user tries to access does not exist. Now the user has an option to select and navigate to valid organization.


Print document directly from Sync

In Sync user interface you have option to Print documents. There’s now need to download the documents before printing anymore.


All updates for this release


VXSYNC-562 Move metadata information card to side-panel in model-viewer

VXSYNC-576 Sort model tree items alphabetically as a default

VXSYNC-584 Remove keycloak admin user credentials from Tenant service, use Client Credentials or other account instead

VXSYNC-686 Get current user separately to get user profile menu faster

VXSYNC-736 Deploy Redis to enable possibility to replicate Notification service

VXSYNC-1058 Add a notification to the user that the license is about to expire

VXSYNC-1059 Add a notification to the organization admins that an user license is about to expire

VXSYNC-1101 If the selected view does not contain objects inform the user about it

VXSYNC-1112 Tenant service searches should return something else than 200 and an empty list if it can't contact the ERP

VXSYNC-1220 Remove harmful user delete endpoint

VXSYNC-1225 Update Sync invitation email content and layout

VXSYNC-1286 Move translations buildingSizeData => buildingData

VXSYNC-1302 Copy erroneous input handling from new object dialog to new user dialog and vice versa

VXSYNC-1303 Remove word 'group' and 'ryhmä' from 'Staff Group' and 'Henkilöstö Ryhmä'

VXSYNC-1305 Remove check-boxes from delete and restore dialogs

VXSYNC-1336 Add context menu in model tree

VXSYNC-1370 Small typos and misspellings

VXSYNC-1375 Investigate SNYK warnings and create code updates needed.

VXSYNC-1376 Add code and remove creator and modified from text index

VXSYNC-1440 Add login event listener to keycloak for efficient last login time fetching


VXSYNC-475 Fix and re-enable 'Printing' feature in user interface.

VXSYNC-668 Chrome and Safari browsers wants to ask to mobile version to open 3D model

VXSYNC-805 The object update will flash when someone else has made changes to the same object elsewhere

VXSYNC-1107 Show CAD environments only when in super user mode.

VXSYNC-1212 Orphan file deletion does not work

VXSYNC-1214 Uploading CAD environment causes 'WriteConflict error: this operation conflicted with another operation. Please retry your operation or multi-document transaction.'

VXSYNC-1215 Updating entity does not add it to recently worked on list

VXSYNC-1230 User invited to sync organization receives two emails, re-invited user receives wrong kind of email

VXSYNC-1290 Refactor branches from their own Mongo collection into main collection

VXSYNC-1298 Huge file \(~3GB\) upload fails

VXSYNC-1299 Fetch user’s tenants also in case if user has no access to organization trying to log in

VXSYNC-1300 Do not show snackbar errors when on not found user / entity page

VXSYNC-1301 Improve 'no-organization-access' error page's message

VXSYNC-1304 Multi restore from recycle bin isn't available anymore.

VXSYNC-1310 Unhanded error: TypeError: can't access property "title", this.contextMenuData is undefined error on user interface

VXSYNC-1327 Parent tip list breaks oddly when the object has huge amount parents

VXSYNC-1328 Erroneous link in email

VXSYNC-1329 Object description splits to new line in the middle of a word

VXSYNC-1333 Notify admin about the change on Staff group when changing user's role.

VXSYNC-1346 Tenant service do not build due to testing users not having email

VXSYNC-1368 BranchCreate's response DTO incorrectly filters out entities from \entities\\ field

VXSYNC-1372 Increase upload content length size for fileClient.uploadFromFile

VXSYNC-1373 Branch endpoints sometimes throw duplicate index exception

VXSYNC-1433 Empty files do not work if uploaded with large files

VXSYNC-1442 Entity sort indexes do not work


VXSYNC-86 User can add labels to multiple objects at the same time.

VXSYNC-468 User can see the reason why the object cannot be edited and what are options to get object editable again.

VXSYNC-1249 User can switch between architect and framing model without leaving the 3D viewer

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