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Release notes 1.0.0-beta.7

Version 1.0.0-beta.7 release date 10.04.2024

All updates for this release

Release notes - Sync - 1.0.0-beta.7


VXSYNC-489 Users' "Recently ..." list items should be sorted by time the they are added into the list. Newest first

VXSYNC-949 Add information for the user if not all imported users couldn't be added as there were not enough licenses

VXSYNC-952 API documentation about notification service

VXSYNC-955 API documentation about file service

VXSYNC-1069 Improve form field error messages and user experience

VXSYNC-1114 Ensure access objects get deleted when they should

VXSYNC-1160 Change license expiration time to only show the date

VXSYNC-1162 Initialize current user from the token and remove the separate request to the back end

VXSYNC-1164 Prevent revise and file replace of a composite child in web user interface

VXSYNC-1188 Remove Access management from ui if the object is reserved for other user

VXSYNC-1189 Building code validity check should triggered on focus lost and OK click only

VXSYNC-1190 Make API documentation style consistent between service APIs

VXSYNC-1195 Add hover tip text to lock symbols too

VXSYNC-1197 Change asterisk characters marking mandatory fields colour from red to black

VXSYNC-1198 Change Roles Finnish prompts 'Oletuskäyttö' and 'Vain kutsusta' and 'Kaikki kohteet' to more descriptive ones

VXSYNC-1226 Add a link back to the application after an invited user has completed the update account flow

VXSYNC-1245 Remove unnecessary repetition of word 'object' in Add new dialog


VXSYNC-1044 TenantService has a concurrency problem when multiple instances updates realms

VXSYNC-1049 Tenant service realm update breaks open Sync sessions

VXSYNC-1115 Frontend makes a searchResultData request that is immediately canceled

VXSYNC-1125 Empty search causes error in web user interface

VXSYNC-1131 Some frontend searches do not respect showTemplateFiles

VXSYNC-1144 Empty update on /users/{id\}/lists/time-based/{stringListName} returns 200

VXSYNC-1146 Date formatting from ISO 8601 to custom formats fails when using Apple devices

VXSYNC-1148 Current user request returns 401 when navigating through application menu from my-vertex to sync

VXSYNC-1154 Find user and user exists endpoints return 500 when not found

VXSYNC-1175 User's groups are not visible in user view after refresh

VXSYNC-1177 /files/{fileId}/thumbnail returns 200 when no file found

VXSYNC-1191 Filters does not initialize when user clicks Home button

VXSYNC-1192 Back to <object> changes from object’s name to Back to home after creating a second search

VXSYNC-1200 Entity delete does not create recycle bin indexes

VXSYNC-1201 Deleting newest revisions may fail because of duplicates in recycle bin

VXSYNC-1216 Get access object may get into an infinite loop

VXSYNC-1227 Managing access via user groups does not work

VXSYNC-1244 Error schema missing from event service documentation

VXSYNC-1247 Frontend default filters do not work


VXSYNC-490 User can sort recycle bin items by deletion time

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