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Release notes 1.0.0-beta.10


Version 1.0.0-beta.10 release date 1.7.2024

User can control 3D clip cube's visibility and objects' cut plane fill

Cut objects may look hollow. The new 3D view allows you to fill cut volumes. Filling in volumes gives a clear view and makes it much easier to explore the model.


User can select fly movement style

New ‘Fly’ movement mode add to help moving inside 3D model. Use arrow keys to move forward, backward and left/right. Use mouse to set movement direction.


All updates for this release


VXSYNC-1253 Implement a long press indicator for mobile device use

VXSYNC-1363 Refactor referencing object handling for entities

VXSYNC-1367 Do not create thumnail pictures for environment files

VXSYNC-1394 Fix UI sonarcloud issues

VXSYNC-1396 Fix "Add a 'onKeyPress|onKeyDown|onKeyUp' attribute to this X" issues

VXSYNC-1414 Align parent tip list content to left

VXSYNC-1419 Change the ‘Print’ progress prompt to 'Preparing to print'

VXSYNC-1422 Add link to Myvertex into 'You don't access to Sync organization' page

VXSYNC-1439 Improve user experience with keyboard

VXSYNC-1441 Update UI of model viewer to match Figma designs


VXSYNC-1174 Backend services should throw if all requested IDs are not found

VXSYNC-1258 Partial composition locking causes inconsistent access update

VXSYNC-1358 Delete expired entities returns 500

VXSYNC-1397 Add objects view falsely gives warning on object name

VXSYNC-1418 Entering to Recycle bin triggers searchResultData

VXSYNC-1420 Restored items do not appear into Recently worked on list.

VXSYNC-1421 Local storage may contain an organization information in which the user has no access

VXSYNC-1435 GetEntityPaths should not be true in search requests in entity view

VXSYNC-1438 Fix Frontend pipeline for Docker Image Build

VXSYNC-1453 User cannot add spaces into objects description in Sync user interface.

VXSYNC-1456 Access check for files may timeout

VXSYNC-1458 Entity initializing not working if entity does not have locks set


VXSYNC-455 User can select fly movement style

VXSYNC-470 Admin can see actual field names for the data coming from CAD to make precise autolabeling rules

VXSYNC-1075 User can control 3D clip cube's visibility and objects' cut plane fill

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