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Release notes 1.0.0-alpha.9

Version 1.0.0-alpha.9 release date 18.12.2023

All updates for this release


VXSYNC-493 Add UI support for all rules

VXSYNC-660 System prevents user breaking the Vertex BD building in Sync by mistake

VXSYNC-696 Investigate why 'Copy' feature is slower than it should be on stage site

VXSYNC-699 Add a buffer to the 'string list' that collects changes and sends them as one request

VXSYNC-704 Check entity changes on front end

VXSYNC-776 Disable and remove dark mode selection from user preference menu

VXSYNC-783 Use payload file as preview if it is supported and preview file doesn't exist

VXSYNC-785 Refactor entity creation to improve performance

VXSYNC-800 Fix and simplify available revision formats

VXSYNC-827 Refactor entity overwrite \(PUT\) to improve performance

VXSYNC-828 Refactor entity locking to improve performance

VXSYNC-838 Allow linking Sync realm and MyVertex organization

VXSYNC-839 Refactor entity attach file to improve performance

VXSYNC-856 Sort labels alphabetically in selection list

VXSYNC-857 Update new add users English prompts

VXSYNC-878 Make revision description modifiable


VXSYNC-526 Search term is not visible in search bar if search is done selecting one of recent searches

VXSYNC-591 After removing the latest revision user interface gives a false information about a newer revision existence

VXSYNC-641 Restoring entity with or without children causes internal server error

VXSYNC-651 User is always returned to "all entities" view moving between frontpage and entityviews

VXSYNC-739 Label selection drop down menu is too narrow.

VXSYNC-804 Object path and notification hover formatting is broken

VXSYNC-808 Manage access : an admin cannot delete either themselves or the group to which they belong.

VXSYNC-813 User profile view breaks with very long names

VXSYNC-865 Right click does not work on MacOS Ventura 13.3


VXSYNC-677 User returns to same main tab when coming back to Sync

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