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Release notes 1.0.0-alpha.7

Version 1.0.0-alpha.7 release date 08.11.2023

Browsing items is now much faster and wait time is reduced. After scrolling you don't need to wait all previous items to be loaded first, anymore. System automatically loads items from around the location you browsed on.  Unloaded caps are filled afterwards, so you always get the best response from the system.

User permission management and access control

People who work for the same organization can control who can see their work. For example, they can make sure that only the people who are working on the same project can see the project content. By default, everyone in the organization can see everything, if their role allows it. Some people may have a role that says they can only see what they are invited to see. Utilizing user groups managing access on items is easy efficient.

Remove the latest revision redirects the user to previous revision

User stays in the currents object content if even the user removes the latest revision. Previously system sent the user back to front page. For the user it's more convenient to stay in the context.

New improved filtering user interface

All available filters are visible for the user in new improved filtering user interface. New interface gives better awareness of existing filters without need scroll horizontally. Unavailable filters are not removed anymore but disabled. This makes user interface more relax and easier to use especially on mobile.

Welcome path for new users

New users feel warmly welcomed when they log into Sync for the first time.

New object dialog scaling improved for for large screens

Scaling of new object dialog improved. Now the dialog works correctly looks better on screens larger than1440p.

All updates for this release


VXSYNC-75 User can see who has an access to the object

VXSYNC-76 User can restrict project information for the project group only

VXSYNC-77 Administrator can allow on floor workers only to read building files

VXSYNC-79 Administrator can limit third party designers access to certain objects only

VXSYNC-80 User can trust that all objects are available for others and they have permission to read and write them.

VXSYNC-120 Update link type/ parent-child filter component

VXSYNC-478 As an user I want to stay in the currents object content if I remove the latest revision

VXSYNC-498 New users feel warmly welcomed when they log into Sync for the first time

VXSYNC-700 User can see clearly from the filter list if there are more existing labels in the object set


VXSYNC-176 Implement API endpoints to manage Access Objects

VXSYNC-178 Implement API endpoint to check for access based on given entity IDs and JWT token

VXSYNC-179 Check access and permissions

VXSYNC-194 Implement backend access control

VXSYNC-314 Refactor BranchEntityRepositoryWrapper to not override most methods

VXSYNC-324 Implement proper access control support for moving entities across repositories

VXSYNC-333 In role deletion take account a case where the role is in use

VXSYNC-362 Implement custom groupID mapper to keycloak

VXSYNC-424 Access management dialog user/group menu does not show all items

VXSYNC-439 Add staff group in which all users with no access restrictions belongs to

VXSYNC-467 Switch Revions lock's snowflake icon to delta

VXSYNC-472 Start transitioning to typescript in showroom-viewer

VXSYNC-529 Add end user license agreement into users' welcome flow

VXSYNC-550 Make some fields of staff group modifiable

VXSYNC-551 Add readonly user list for groups with limited modifiability

VXSYNC-600 Add default user roles into system after admin welcome flow

VXSYNC-637 Add a new field for *Entity and *Relation that holds content related unique identifier (f.ex. Cad ID)

VXSYNC-695 Change placeholder prompt 'Search a user' to 'Add user or a group' at access management dialog

VXSYNC-712 Refactor entity restore

VXSYNC-722 Change service versions from latest to proper version in stage


VXSYNC-7 User permission management and access control


VXSYNC-431 Object count is not updated correctly when objects are removed.

VXSYNC-461 Downloading file from context menu does nothing

VXSYNC-464 Object creation dialog doesn't scale well for large screens

VXSYNC-476 Remove object dialog should not give an option not to remove children in case of composition link

VXSYNC-477 Clicking the overwirte lock icon in object view should not collapse the object view.

VXSYNC-479 Removing a building from test site fails

VXSYNC-482 Access check endpoint does not take into account admins' access to all entities

VXSYNC-487 A user with READ role cannot modify his own lists (favorites, etc.)

VXSYNC-492 DB transaction problems

VXSYNC-525 Preview does not work if in search results and no building preview fails

VXSYNC-553 Aggregation child can have fewer permissions than its parent

VXSYNC-554 Small misspelling errors and prompt improvements

VXSYNC-564 Unnecessary info visible in Users view

VXSYNC-565 Error is shown when linking object to another in UI

VXSYNC-647 Entity delete can throw errors, does not respect blocks and deletion order is not commutative

VXSYNC-666 Cannot set profile picture

VXSYNC-693 Wrong default access when editing role's access

VXSYNC-694 User should not be able to remove himself from access list.

VXSYNC-718 Tenantservice crashes on startup at test site

VXSYNC-719 Client scope mappers are not updated for realm based clients scopes

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