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Release notes 1.0.0-alpha.6

Version 1.0.0-alpha.6 release date 30.10.2023

Automatic system to add labels

Labels can help you organize and find your objects more easily. You can use the label filter to see only the objects that have a specific label or a combination of labels. For example, if you want to see only the objects that are urgent and important, you can select those two labels in the filter. Sync will show you only the objects that have both labels.

Now administrator may add rules to add labels automatically.

Investigate 3D model inside Sync service

As an user I want to open a 3D model in browser for investigation as it shows information more demonstrative way compared to 2D. Many times it's enough to open the model for the user to get the information needed.

Use carousel to browse items

Use preview window carousel to browser items. Browsing preview image is easy way to find correct drawing for example.. Once you have found the correct one, you have direct link to the object’s data in preview window header.

New revision gets automatically same labels as the old revision had

You don’t need to manage label by hand in revise. System adds automatically same labels to the new revision as the old one had.

Improvements to user experience

Our goal is to offer the best user experience possible. We have made a lot small improvements for user interface and usability of Sync. We hope you using enjoy using Vertex Sync

Objects' path visible in move and link dialogs

Objects parent paths are added into to Link and Move dialogs to help you to find the correct items.

Users' "Recently ..." lists contains only recent items

The system automatically adds any object that you open or view to the recently visited list and t an object you edit or modify to the recently worked on list. The recently visited and worked on tabs will show you the most recent objects from 2 weeks time, sorted by the date added. You can click on any object in the list to open it again.

All updates for this release


VXSYNC-81 User can investigate the glb model 3D model inside Sync service

VXSYNC-92 User can create a new revision of an object. The new revision has same labels than the old one.

VXSYNC-93 System gives a warning if the label user is removing is set to one or more objects. The system gives a warning if the label is used in automatic label rule too.

VXSYNC-94 Admin can trust the system works without any complicated setup, which means a default base set of labels in the system.

VXSYNC-100 User can investigate building components and structure clearly in 3D view

VXSYNC-411 Customer admin can select system base settings easily before start to use the service.

VXSYNC-495 Workspace client can use file name and extension as search terms to serve CAD more efficiently

VXSYNC-528 CAD user can to sort items first by some parameter and then by some other


VXSYNC-3 Object view which is intuitive and contains necessary tools and data

VXSYNC-73 Automatic system to add labels


VXSYNC-222 Entityservice error when multiple users create entities concurrently from multi endpoint

VXSYNC-228 User service sometimes returns errors in test site testworkshop tenant

VXSYNC-243 Linking multiple entities can be unusable slow

VXSYNC-252 Updating user's activity status to inactive gives error

VXSYNC-264 Branch creation may create duplicate entities

VXSYNC-312 Operation succeeds even if failing to check custom tenant setting

VXSYNC-313 Creating entity may create one way connections

VXSYNC-316 Delete from recycle bin sometimes returns 500

VXSYNC-325 Update floating-range-display automatically on recently added list changes

VXSYNC-346 If CAD metadata description is empty system should show the key value.

VXSYNC-365 Deleting label should check which autolabels use it and remove it from them.

VXSYNC-368 PUT /users/:id returns 500

VXSYNC-369 Invited new users does not show automatically in user list view

VXSYNC-377 Show more button should not be visible if there is nothing to show

VXSYNC-380 Discard changes dialog opens twice if users clicks 'Cancel'

VXSYNC-383 Add items button is not fully visible while scrolling in mobile view

VXSYNC-385 Nonrecursive Entity Hierarchy requests may return a childs child

VXSYNC-395 Advanced search loading shown before any search

VXSYNC-396 Keycloak realm update loses some data

VXSYNC-398 Updated entity-view floating-range-panel not working

VXSYNC-400 Composite children are lost in revise

VXSYNC-404 Revisioning navigates to wrong entity

VXSYNC-405 Entity filters in item-list-toolbar opens slowly on mobile

VXSYNC-415 Lock and revise lock buttons are not visible

VXSYNC-420 User cannot know to which row 'Remove' button belongs to.

VXSYNC-421 Thumbnail is not generated for bmp files.

VXSYNC-422 Delete labels dialog's dropdown menu is allmost invisible on dark theme

VXSYNC-430 Old searches does not follow the contex in which user is making the search

VXSYNC-547 Move and link dialog does not always display paths

VXSYNC-549 Entity search with pagination can return duplicate entities

VXSYNC-563 Entities with one way relations can be created

VXSYNC-566 Duplicate remove-buttons in multiselect and unnecessary view button in context-menu

VXSYNC-568 Merging a branch sometimes fails due to referencing object errors

VXSYNC-571 Auto label performance can be very bad

VXSYNC-601 Front-end has an error in managing whether the object is in the string list or not. Remove items gives an error even though no error has occurred.

VXSYNC-604 Buiding preview tries to view building.json instead of the preview image.

VXSYNC-613 User interest notifications do not work

VXSYNC-617 Every revision is visible when viewing all entities list in dashboard


VXSYNC-16 Add aggregation icons into UI

VXSYNC-168 Design meaningful performance tests

VXSYNC-273 Change linking and unlinking fetching entities to multi endpoint

VXSYNC-318 Add translations for metadata fields

VXSYNC-321 Standalone component conversion

VXSYNC-334 Update angular material 16

VXSYNC-345 Add BD's Code field value into list and grid items

VXSYNC-357 Separate labels from entities open api service to labels open api service

VXSYNC-361 Add endpoint to fetch label by name

VXSYNC-364 Remove System files and template files from the tree view

VXSYNC-370 Speed up get all users request

VXSYNC-372 Improve editing groups

VXSYNC-376 Improve chips UI in frontend

VXSYNC-379 Users' "Recently ..." lists contains only recent items

VXSYNC-382 Reduce use of BehaviorSubject in code and make it more consistent

VXSYNC-386 Deleting and updating a label should update auto labels in UI

VXSYNC-388 Change cad entity type icon

VXSYNC-389 Allow inactive labels in autolabels but do not add them to entities

VXSYNC-392 Update entity metadata translations

VXSYNC-393 Show labels on multiple rows in advanced search

VXSYNC-401 Add Postman tests for entity access checks

VXSYNC-406 Improve advanced search on mobile

VXSYNC-426 Change sorting from case sensitive to case insensitive.

VXSYNC-427 Swap zoom in and out button other way around in preview.

VXSYNC-428 Add preview navigation buttons left and right for front page item

VXSYNC-429 Add object path to objects in move and link dialog

VXSYNC-433 Ensure that there's no references in code to response's first object.

VXSYNC-434 Ensure 'Show Template files' default value is set so the file are not visible

VXSYNC-444 Add loading spinner to entity tree

VXSYNC-502 Add Sync logo into header bar on mobile devices

VXSYNC-593 Refactor copy to improve performance

VXSYNC-602 Investigate if Mongo's API has save many at once feature. If yes refactor entity save to use it

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