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Release notes 1.0.0-alpha.4



Version 1.0.0-alpha.4 release date 25.05.2023

Faster browsing of objects and more user friendly scrolling with smart scroll

Browsing items is now much faster and wait time is reduced. After scrolling you don't need to wait all previous items to be loaded first, anymore. System automatically loads items from around the location you browsed on.  Unloaded caps are filled afterwards, so you always get the best response from the system.

New preview carousel

Use carousel to browser objects in the preview. Use left and right arrows to move next or previous object. Clicking the object name in header opens the object.

More preview focused object view

User has a option to switch object view layout to more preview focused version.

Filter menu for showing object children, parents and linked objects

Filter menu for showing object children, parents and linked objects.

List and grid items shows the type of relation

In object view all linked items show the type and direction of the link in grid  and list view items.

New search option. Search under the object only

On object view you have a new search option. You can limit the search only to the objects under the current one.  This makes finding the correct drawings much faster as search results are limited only to the objects you are interest in children and linked objects.

Many improvements for mobile users

Mobile user interface is fixed. A lot small issues were fixed. Issues contained inaccessible text fields, missing buttons, prompt errors and misaligned user interface components. 

Show objects grandchildren

Finding published items is now easier. Clicking the Show more filter get your all grandchildren of the currently view items.

Removed items are removed from user Favourites and Recent lists without reload

After user removes items from Sync the items are now removed from the user's Favourites and Recent lists without reload. After this improvement user has always only valid items available and no time consuming reload is needed anymore.

Resolved issues

All updates for this release

Release notes - Cloud Solution - 1.0.0-alpha.4


CS-1575 EntityConnection renewal PoC

CS-1644 Increase unit test coverage in thumbnail service

CS-1645 Create integration tests for thumbnail service

CS-1680 Review role views' design

CS-1714 Check whether FileService methods need transactions and add transactions to those

CS-1717 Create REMOVE and COPY events recursively

CS-1759 Update Angular to version 15 and Node to version 18

CS-1777 Release 1.00-alpha4

CS-1836 Add Sync environment information into tab name

CS-1931 Relation & revision behavior refactoring


CS-935 Limit search to current object context only, front end

CS-1189 Remove extra selection step when adding a new object or user

CS-1534 User list sort improvement in mobile and desktop

CS-1535 Update user CSV import

CS-1599 EntityConnection renewal

CS-1619 EntityConnection renewal implementation

CS-1696 Upgraded full screen preview window

CS-1708 Add object relations to object lists in the object view

CS-1720 Change small caps to regular style

CS-1734 Scrolling in object view

CS-1735 Show more option for user to investigate object's grandchildren

CS-1739 Improved object's header row in the object view

CS-1749 Add versioning to thumbnail service

CS-1762 Longer expiration times for action email tokens

CS-1769 Enable remember me button on login page

CS-1775 Improve what entity list items show

CS-1787 Trash button inconsistent placement in add user and entity creation

CS-1791 Make user invitation first and last name mandatory

CS-1797 Object's edit button while header is collapsed

CS-1798 Angular ripples

CS-1799 Clicking the message about the newer revision existence should open and expand revision menu

CS-1802 Implement the updated object metadata view to meet new requirements

CS-1805 Implement the updated object picture with new tool bar

CS-1814 Accept more file formats as preview picture

CS-1827 Save and Cancel button locations in entity and user profile edit should be same

CS-1859 Rename creator, owner and modifier fields

CS-1860 Object description field improvements.

CS-1871 Mobile improvements

CS-1895 Verify building name is compatible with CAD.

CS-1903 Modifying fields of entity details does not restrict user from navigating

CS-1912 Admin can not edit other user details

CS-1926 UI & UX improvements focused on iPhone

CS-1927 Remove all caps style from admin views

CS-1929 Revert entity name validating changes

CS-1935 Fix code smells on Tenant Service

CS-1938 Fix code smells on File Service

CS-1939 Fix code smells on Entity Service

CS-1940 Fix code smells on Event Service

CS-1959 Highlight for tree view resize handle


CS-853 Smooth high usability browsing for object lists.

CS-1699 Functional full screen preview window

CS-1700 EntityConnection renewal


CS-1330 Sync's UI does not work properly with Safari

CS-1343 When updating user string lists, response status 500 is returned instead of 409 if version field \(optimistic locking\) is wrong

CS-1397 Check and fix text field widths and margins in list view and entity view

CS-1425 Clicking star inside items twice cause navigation to items page

CS-1437 Path of item is shown incorrectly

CS-1441 Long press hijacks scrolling on mobile devices

CS-1442 Filter container do not stay in the correct place when scrolling with the phone \(iPhone 12\)

CS-1443 Filters aren't updated after deleting a label

CS-1448 Label container mislocated on mobile device

CS-1533 User chip filter status is wrong after navigation

CS-1542 Revision delete doesn't not work correctly

CS-1607 User view's expansion panel doesn't work correctly with tablet and mobile screen sizes

CS-1615 Horizontal scroll bar in target dialog

CS-1658 New revision of favourite entity is not marked as favorite until refresh

CS-1671 Discard changes dialog won't work correctly if multiple labels or file association are edited at the same time

CS-1673 Handle operation blocks correctly with recycle bin

CS-1690 Extra line in add users when importing a csv file

CS-1692 Login doesn't work on Android mobile in stage site

CS-1702 Revisions does not work correctly in favourites

CS-1707 Unnecessary reloads in object locking and editing

CS-1718 Location of the item range display on recycle bin view

CS-1722 POST thumbnail throws DataBufferLimitException with some files

CS-1728 Reservation information on revisions

CS-1731 Optimistic locking does not work correctly when updating multiple entities

CS-1732 Sometimes thumbnails don't get generated when under heavy load

CS-1738 User lists randomly returns 500

CS-1742 Scrolling in the front page causes redundant change detection cycles

CS-1744 Delete orphans endpoint returns 500

CS-1748 EntityService tries to add duplicate referencing objects to files

CS-1756 Merging a branch gives response 500 Internal Server Error

CS-1758 CurrentUser -observable is unnecessary initialized every time it is called

CS-1760 Remove building did not remove building completely

CS-1766 Pointer-events in admin panel are not working

CS-1767 Sorting users gives error if first name is null

CS-1768 Notification Hub is initialized after each token refresh

CS-1776 Prevent context menu to be opened when object buttons are disabled

CS-1780 Fix typos on sync code and UI

CS-1784 Make create label dialog wider than cancel dialog width

CS-1785 Label chip overlay is on wrong location

CS-1788 Make toolbar consistent on different views

CS-1789 Chips of related objects opens in wrong place when object is open

CS-1800 Branch remove does not remove the branch

CS-1801 File upload does not complete

CS-1812 Entity view's scroll bar breaks the entity side menu with larger screen sizes

CS-1817 Reservation information doesn't update into user interface

CS-1818 Exception when uploading thumbnail to fileservice

CS-1822 Cards and list items in recycle bin have unsupported features

CS-1824 Revision entity creates one way connections

CS-1852 Remove multiple object which have same parent fails

CS-1854 Removed items in user lists.

CS-1856 Front end handles reservations for large composite hierarchies badly

CS-1857 Revision missing from revision menu

CS-1858 Creators and modifiers name is missing from object view

CS-1862 Reservation does not add object to recently worked on list

CS-1863 Download multiple object fails

CS-1867 Fix padding on chip list

CS-1877 Implement change functionality between thumbnail and preview image

CS-1878 Front end pipeline fails \(npm problem?\)

CS-1893 Add file dialog doesn't work on mobile devices

CS-1900 Entity paths show too many paths

CS-1905 Change front end to use multi-revision endpoint

CS-1913 Label and type filters missing in search results

CS-1916 Card hover buttons can be clicked during multi selection

CS-1924 Number of active filters wrong on mobile

CS-1925 Button is partially clipped in admin 'Profile' page

CS-1930 Image aspect ratio is changed in grid view

CS-1947 Transaction errors when deleting orphans in file service

CS-1956 Fix entity card description height and typo

Technical task

CS-1770 Create own implementation of ngx-avatar

CS-1771 Fix custom themes to match new requirements

CS-1772 Fix dependency conflicts

New Feature

CS-1148 Implement role's permission management

CS-1764 Update the file of existing object.

CS-1815 Filter menu for showing object children, parents and linked objects

CS-1855 Add option to make hierarchy up search recursively

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