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Application menu

From the application menu you can switch between Vertex applications like MyVertex, Sync and Showroom.

Home button 

To return to the home page from any other page, you can use the Sync logo as a home button. The Sync logo is a symbol that represents the Sync application. It is in the upper left corner of the screen, next to the address bar.

The search bar is in the top center of the view. Detailed documentation of the search features can be read here.

Main menu

Click your profile icon to open the main menu.

  • Admin tools option is available only for the Sync administrators of your organization. You can check the administrators from the Users lists.

View tabs

How to use the favorite, recently visited and recently worked on lists


The linked objects can be filtered by using the labels. Labels are located above the linked objects. Only the labels that can be found from the linked objects are visible. By clicking a label, only the objects that have that label are shown.

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Home page

The new improved home page gives you access to all content in Sync. All objects are available and represented as object cards of their own. If you prefer a more traditional view you can switch from grid view to list view. List view gives more objects on screen at the same time. Use filtering to narrow down the number of objects or search to find information you are looking for fast and easily.

Mark objects as favorites and you can find them easily on the Favorites tab. You can find your latest works on the Recently worked on and Recently visited tabs.

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Released in version 1.0.0-alpha

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