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Server for CAD Programs

This hardware recommendation applies to file servers for Vertex CAD program versions 2024 (30.0).

Hardware information updated



Commonly used is the Windows Server platform, which can also be virtualized.

Server installation of Vertex CAD programs is purely file sharing.

  • In this case, the file share can be any share supporting the Windows network, such as Windows server share and Linux samba share, NAS network storage etc.
  • The server's mass memory (for example disk) stores the required data (files included in the Vertex program) and customer’s models, drawings, libraries, etc., and is then shared to CAD applications on workstations.

The actual Vertex process is used only on the (client) workstation and Vertex data is read from the server file sharing.

  • In other words, the load of the processes caused by modeling, rendering, and drawing is only applied to the workstation, not to the server.
  • Only reading and saving files (models, drawings, and archives) will load the server in the I/O functions of its disk.

Best user experience

As a rule, the most effective solution and best user experience from the designer's point of view is to use Vertex CAD on a local network where:

  • The program has been installed as a server installation on a file server. Usage is easy to extend to more workstations and it is easier to arrange backup.
  • The workstation is powerful enough regarding the size of the models.
  • The Vertex CAD program is installed on workstations from the server using the so-called Client.bat installation that brings the program to the workstations with the necessary attachments.
  • Local network speed is good.

Important things when a server only works as a file server for Vertex CAD programs

  • Speed ​​of server I/O functions. (Faster is better.)
  • Disk space requirement = space required by the operating system + the amount of data of the Vertex software + data growth estimate.
  • Main memory requirement = minimum is 8 GB, but it depends on whether the server also has a load other than the processes caused by the operating system and antivirus.
  • Network card = must not be slower than in the local area network.
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