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IFC improvements 2024



We presented these reforms in the major version 30.0.0 (2024)

New IFC features and improvements

IFC 4 export is now fully supported.

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is an international industry standard for data transfer between different software applications.

IFC 4(.X) is the most recently released file format and commonly used file format today.

The renewed IFC export technique ensures updating and the utilization of improved IFC features in the future.

Vertex also supports the older IFC 2x3 version. Read more: IFC 2x3 to IFC 4.

IFC export

We renewed the dialog of the IFC export. You can now select the version for the IFC file via the drop-down menu while exporting the file.

There aren't any major technical differences between IFC2x3 and IFC4 from the plant design point of view. We recommend using the same version as other contributors of your project are using.

You still have an opportunity to affect which coordinates the IFC file will be written. We clarified the terms in the dialog so it's easier for you to achieve the wanted outcome.


IFC import

We enabled the IFC 4 import in version 2023. We renewed the dialog of the IFC import to version 2024.

We divided the object and placement handling into their tabs. We clarified the terms of the placement dialog. We also added helping pictures to the placement tab.

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