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Beams and Frames: Parts

Parts of the Beams and Frames are considered as beams which are created by 3d model and are consisted by one or several beam elements. Beam element contains two nodes. Part is always a member of FEA study.

Add and remove parts of study

  1. Select parts from 3d model
  2. Select from contextual tab
     Add to Study
    , selected parts will be added to active study OR
     Remove from Study
    , selected parts will be removed from active study

Modify material and cross sectional properties of parts

  1. Select parts to be modified from 3d model
  2. Press 
    Properties from the contextual tab. Part FEA properties can be now edited.
    • Default values of the material properties are read from the part properties in the 3d model.
    • If the material is not defined in the d_SPEC1 database, material is considered as regular steel material
    • Change materials by selecting Verify and choose a material in the database.
    • Cross section values are defined automatically by the part of 3d model
    • All values of Part FEA properties can be updated by typing new values in the Verified field.

    Hover a mouse cursor over a part of active study to see additional information about FEA. To see the information, Settings→Drawings, models→View→Show geometry tip in cursor must be selected.

Define content weight for pipe

  1. Select parts from 3d model.
  2. Press 
    Properties from the contextual tab.
  3. Set Use checkbox checked from the Content weight branch.
    • Inner area of cross section is defined automatically for circular pipes.
    • Default value for content density is the density of water.

Add nodes to part

  1. Select a part from 3d model.
  2. Press 
    Insert from contextual tab.
  3. Locate the node by cursor.
    • The node can be added to the extension of the part also.

Select nodes of parts

  1. Select parts from 3d model.
  2. Press 
    Select. All nodes belonging to the selected parts will be selected.

Link nodes of parts automatically

  1. Select parts to be linked from 3d model.
  2. Press 
    Link from the contextual tab. This function links nodes of selected parts automatically with given distance tolerance and link preset.
    • Tolerance can be set automatically or manually. Automatic tolerance is defined by the highest cross section of the selected parts, thus the tolerance is 1.7 x MAX_Y / 2, where MAX_Y  is the height of the highest cross section. Manual tolerance can be defined by numerical value.
    • Link between nodes can be selected on four presets.
      • Fully connected
      • Hinged about transverse axis Y
      • Hinged about transverse axis Z
      • Hinged about transverse axes Y,Z
    • Nodes of new links are transformed to the local coordinate system of the part and link preset is defined for linked nodes.
    • Link type can be selected as rigid or master-slave.

  3. Press OK.
    • You can choose to unlink existing links.
    • Free intermediate nodes of parts are also removed if exist links are unlinked.
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